Friday Fun one day late -- Jingle Cross, Jock Warmer and Joy

Jingle Cross

Colorado Women are kicking butt at Jingle Cross holding the top 3 positions.
1st Meredith Miller
2nd Nicole Duke
3rd Amanda Miller

Did you know that Iowa has other great cycling weekends? I remember traveling miles for the great Memorial Day racing in Iowa like Snake Alley Criterium


ThermaJock’s warmth is attributed to the use of Polartec® Thermal Pro fleece. The 100% polyester fabric’s surface creates air pockets that trap air and retain body heat, providing outstanding warmth without weight. This fabric also offers excellent breathability and dries quickly while being machine washable.


Did anyone see the Facebook photos of Sonya Looney in a swimsuit in Brazil? OMG

Jim Alderden

Did you catch the great news of Larimer County's wonder sheriff Jim Alderden will be retiring!. Let's all celebrate with our neighbor's to the north!

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