Friday Fun - Womens Bike Polo

Friday Fun two days early!

Here is the story behind the video:

Guts and Glamour – Girls of Bike Polo Hit London

09/21/2011 – Two-wheeled excitement hits the UK next month, as the gutsy and glamourous ladies of bike polo take on London.

The Hell’s Belles tournament will bring together the finest female bike polo teams from across the world together for the first time, as they head to London for the ladies majority tournament.

The ladies of the London Hardcourt Bicycle Polo Association strapped on their armour and took to their rides to create a video ( drawing attention to the exciting style and vibrant social scene surrounding the sport.

Swapping a horse for two wheels, Hardcourt Bike Polo emerged in 2003 and came to Europe in 2005. Today, the sport continues to grow in popularity, with thousands of teams around the globe joining leagues from Australia to the USA. Hell’s Belles is presented by classic saddle manufacturer Brooks England - who has long been the sport’s main sponsor.

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