Friday Fun - Digital EPO

Sick of loosing the Strava KOM or QOM? Dont want to be a Stravasshole? You should try Digital EPO. This is not a Aprils Fools Joke. Just export your GPS file in TCX format and upload. You then can increase your speed lower your heart rate etc.

News Item: 


No more than the doping commuter

Anyone wanting to use this tool as a means to enhance their cycling career is beyond foolish and likewise, anyone who puts too much pride in their KOM (unless it is your driveway) is foolish. I bet the developers behind this site see it as a mockery of doping.

As for grammer, we kill the English language one post at a time.

Don't knock it til you've tried it!

Yesterday I was just another guy who couldn't even hang with the peloton. Today? I've got KOMs on all my favorite segments. I can climb, I can sprint, I'm a rouleur without peer! I'm expecting a large contract soon. When I get caught I'll just say it was "the system" that made me do it, I was just a better "digitalEPOer" than the rest.....

but you can't become an

but you can't become an overnight sensation or you'll get caught! You need the offseason to improve on your time trialing (alberto) or climbing (wiggins - even if he hasn't been busted, i don't buy it) or both (lance). a potentially incurable disease also helps

Oh grandfather Genghis, you

Oh grandfather Genghis, you have come back from the grave (aka Virginia) to offer the wisdom of your years. Are the fabled tales of your racing past true, or were you just another doping addict who so wanted to win that he was willing to ingest untested bizarre PED-like substances to gain an advantage on the toughest climbs of the day? Even Eddy B hadn't worked up his "program" when you were rampaging through the categories on your way to the summits, but perhaps he knew that only through manipulation of body systems could his riders stay on your wheel......