Friday Fun - Cyclocross Mechanics Need Love Too

You're unappreciated, undervalued, unloved. You're a cyclocross mechanic. You’ve seen it all: snapped shifters, flat tubulars, and more mud-clogged brakes than you care to remember. You’ve braved all kinds of weather. Perhaps you have pitted for a pro rider, a local hero or your brother in law. No matter the type of rider, your performance in the pit could be as important as the rider’s performance on the course affecting the outcome of the race. And at the end of the race, all you get is another bike to clean and prep for the next race.

Well, we’re happy to say that you’re no longer unappreciated. CLIF® Bar CrossVegas, the largest cyclocross race outside of Europe and the folks at Glacier Glove and Alaskan Hard Gear want to show you the recognition that you - the cyclocross mechanic truly deserves. And give you the chance to win some really cool (and incredibly functional) mechanic’s foul-weather gear from Glacier Glove and Alaskan Hard Gear.

Just tell us your best (or worst) war story from life in “The Pit.” We know you have plenty of stories. We especially want to know how using Glacier Glove and Alaskan Hard Gear winter wear and rain gear would have eased your pain & made that time in The Pit a little better.

Submit your story to before Sept. 1. The two most creative and compelling stories will win a full Glacier Glove and Alaskan Hard Gear mechanics foul-weather outfit valued at $257.98. Check out the full description of the winning products HERE. Winning story will be selected on or before September 5 and will be posted on We know we can’t stop the snapped shifters, flat tubulars, and mud-clogged brakes, but this season, you could be a lot more comfortable while doing it.
We love you. Now tell us your story. We’re all ears (warm and dry ears covered with Glacier Glove and Alaskan Hard Gear, of course).

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