FourMile - Poorman's quick Boulder Climb

Four Mile to Poorman

This is the Boulder "quickie", from downtown Boulder you can get up, over and back into Boulder in less than 1 hour while along the way getting some sweet trails and hard climbs. Part of this ride is on gravel and it can be done on a road bike but for many a Mountain Bike might be a better choice since you might want the smaller gears... but many locals do use cross bikes and road bikes. The ride starts at the mouth of Four Mile Canyon which starts about 3 miles up Boulder Canyon. To reach this you can take Boulder Canyon since this section has a wide shoulder or you can take the Boulder Creek path which ends right at the start of the ride. Once on Four Mile the road is pretty tame as it follows a creek bed but about 2-3 miles into the road you will see a steep dirt road on your right, this is the FIRST dirt road too. Turn here and get it in your lowest gear because the next mile you will build up more lactate acid then the entire ride. At the "top" of the gravel (you will know) turn right and follow the nature flow of the road, this will eventually connect up with Sunshine Canyon which means your pedaling is done! Coast down and finish the day.... You just did Poorman's Canyon bike ride in Boulder Colorado!

- Difficulty:
- 9-10 miles or less depending on starting place
- 1252 feet of climbing
- Some gravel but suitable for road bikes but best on cross bike or mountain bike

Photos of Four Mile - Poorman's Route

From Bike Routes Boulder/Denver
From Bike Routes Boulder/Denver
From Bike Routes Boulder/Denver

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Thanks, hope to add 1 a week

Thanks. I hope to add about 1 a week this Spring but my big problem is I need some help for the southern section of the 303 area, I rarely get down there. If anyone would like to contribute I'll do what I can to make it worth your while.

The book I reviewed is great for everything outside of the 303 area, so if you like to explore and go uphill then that book is a must


Better and safer the other direction

I think this is a much better ride in the other direction, starting from roughly Pearl and Broadway. And as a bonus, the bits on Four Mile and Boulder Canyon, where interactions with traffic are much less pleasant are over much faster. Also, you get to go down the dirt on Poorman instead of up it.

It's even better if you turn right on Four Mile and head up to the end of the pavement before descending. That upper section is a beautiful descent.