Foothills Highway closed north of Boulder for cyclists hit by vehicle

Is Highway 36 north of Boulder becoming too dangerous to ride?

From the Daily Camera:

Foothills Highway closed north of Boulder for cyclists hit by vehicle

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Posted: 09/08/2011 09:07:39 AM MDT

Emergency crews are responding to a report of two cyclists struck by a vehicle near Nebo Road and North Foothills Highway north of Boulder.

"We were just going out for a nice morning bike ride," she said. "We were riding a road that is very popular with cyclists, and we were all in single file, well within the right shoulder.

"All of a sudden this black car swerved from behind another car and hit us head-on," she said. "There wasn't any time to react. The car just flew out of nowhere."

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From 9news

Car hits 3 cyclists, crash closes U.S. 36

BOULDER COUNTY - Two people were transported to Denver Health after a crash between a vehicle and two cyclists on U.S. 36 in Boulder County.

According to Boulder County dispatch, one of the victims was taken by helicopter to the hospital.

Colorado State Patrol is investigating the wreck.

U.S. 36 is closed going both directions. Dispatch says it could take up to three hours before the road is completely cleared between Nebo Road and Lefthand Canyon.

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3 Cyclists Hit not 2

Just updated on 9News and the Daily Camera.

BOULDER COUNTY - Two people were transported to hospitals after a crash between a vehicle and three cyclists on U.S. 36 in Boulder County around 9 a.m. on Thursday. According to Boulder County dispatch, one of the victims was taken by helicopter to the hospital. Both of the more injured cyclists are in serious condition.

The third cyclist suffered only minor injuries. The Colorado State Patrol says all three bicyclists are women in their 30s and it's believed they live in Boulder.

3 Women Cyclist Identified

"Colorado State Patrol spokeswoman Heather Cobler said the three women -- Amy Howard, 56; Jane McConnell, 47; and Susan Graves, 39; all of Boulder -- were riding north on the shoulder of North Foothills, also known as U.S. 36.
Howard was airlifted to St. Anthony's Central in Denver and remained in critical condition Thursday evening, while the two other cyclists were taken by ambulance to Boulder Community Hospital, Cobler said.

Graves remained hospitalized in good condition, while McConnell was treated for more minor injuries and was released. "

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I hope it's not getting too

I hope it's not getting too dangerous, I ride Boulder to Lefthand almost every day.

Even though I don't think the latest accidents were caused by trucks, I'm curious why there's so much truck traffic on that stretch. Is it being used as a shortcut? Lyons is not that big.

Other than that it's just a road with a reasonable shoulder. If people are not drunk, texting, making blind swerves around turning cars, it should be as safer as any other road.

My question is, why in the

My question is, why in the world when these accidents accur do the cyclist end up on the short end of the stick when it comes time for citations and very little if anything is done to these dips***s that are driving. I work in the medical feild, I see alot of these accidents when they first come in and am absolutely amazed at the BS these officers come up with for excuses to write tickets against the cyclist.

I agree.

I was cited after being hit by a car as well. The citation was "improperly entering a roadway" because the bi-directional (another argument the officer hit me with) multi-use path crossed a driveway exiting Boulder-Foothills Hospital.
My only guess, is that they're trying to appear to not play favorites, and in the end, the cyclists look like the bad guys.

I never, ever, evereverever

I never, ever, evereverever use that stretch of "bike path". Ever. I ride to work from SoBo to 55th/Valmont and back every day, and I refuse to use that farce that is the Araphahoe "multi-use trail". It is THE single most dangerous stretch of MUT in all of Boulder. High volumes of cross traffic, high relative traffic speeds, limited visibility to drivers, and left turning traffic has absolutely zero chance of seeing eastbound bikes on it. Folks going to work at Ball in the AM will frequently try to charge the gaps in westbound traffic to turn left, so they're really not prepared to stop for cyclists (or peds for that matter) crossing with right of way. Drivers pulling out to turn right from the hospital have too low a line of sight to be able to see bikes over the ornamental plants and other landscape "features" on the hospital property. Not to mention it is essentially a sidewalk and a good example of where cycling policies in Boulder are confusing to riders and pedestrians alike. Pedestrians and people waiting for the bus on this stretch of MUT are typically clueless to the fact that it is also a bi-directional bikeway, so they walk and/or queue waiting for the bus in the middle of it. Adult cyclists riding on pedestrian sidewalks is dangerous and is supposed to be illegal anyway. How can Boulder seriously apply consistent messaging to this policy and expect it to make any kind of sense to cyclists when many of these MUTS in Boulder (especially on campus) closely resemble sidewalks?

I either ride in the right lane on Arapahoe so that I am visible to drivers (there are three lanes either direction, and the right lane is plenty wide so the cars can just suck it up) or I take an alternate route via Baseline/55th or the Foothills curly bridge to Manhattan/Eisenhower and use those low traffic streets through the Holiday neighborhood.

That Arapahoe MUT/sidewalk or whatever the heck it is should never have been installed such as it is. As it is currently configured it presents a menace to both drivers and cyclists, and it is a good example of how confusing and dangerous Boulder's cycling policy can be.

I agree

I was given a ticket from Boulder County Sheriff for harassment last night. I was going down Highway 93 towards Marshall Road when a guy in a pickup truck felt it was necessary to honk as he sped past me. I was going about 40, he was going about 60. I caught up to him at the light and hit the bed of his pickup with my fist. I clearly let my emotions get the best of me. Regardless, we were both wrong but drivers simply don't understand how vulnerable we are, even to a car honking its horn. (And I kept my line, wasn't in traffic).

Some cities it is illegal to honk at a cyclist

In Columbia MO, at town I am extremely familiar with, they passed a ordinance that aid to protect cyclist, one of them includes it being illegal to honk at cyclists.

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"The ordinance makes harassment of bicyclists — including throwing objects, verbal assault and other offenses — a misdemeanor offense punishable by a $1,000 fine or one year of jail time, the council said."


"An incident of cyclist harassment by a driver in February prompted Sixth Ward Councilwoman Barbara Hoppe to introduce an ordinance that would make harassment of bicyclists, including shouting threats and honking for the purpose of frightening a cyclist, a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by $1,000 fine or a year in jail."

You cyclists are all a bunch

You cyclists are all a bunch of self-righteous a**holes that DO NOT belong on the street! There are more than 30 miles of biking trails in Boulder County. Why don't you use those and stay out of the middle of the damn street. And stop whinning when you get hit by the cars that belong on the street.