Foothills Highway closed north of Boulder for cyclists hit by vehicle

Is Highway 36 north of Boulder becoming too dangerous to ride?

From the Daily Camera:

Foothills Highway closed north of Boulder for cyclists hit by vehicle

Camera staff
Posted: 09/08/2011 09:07:39 AM MDT

Emergency crews are responding to a report of two cyclists struck by a vehicle near Nebo Road and North Foothills Highway north of Boulder.

"We were just going out for a nice morning bike ride," she said. "We were riding a road that is very popular with cyclists, and we were all in single file, well within the right shoulder.

"All of a sudden this black car swerved from behind another car and hit us head-on," she said. "There wasn't any time to react. The car just flew out of nowhere."

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From 9news

Car hits 3 cyclists, crash closes U.S. 36

BOULDER COUNTY - Two people were transported to Denver Health after a crash between a vehicle and two cyclists on U.S. 36 in Boulder County.

According to Boulder County dispatch, one of the victims was taken by helicopter to the hospital.

Colorado State Patrol is investigating the wreck.

U.S. 36 is closed going both directions. Dispatch says it could take up to three hours before the road is completely cleared between Nebo Road and Lefthand Canyon.

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Important message from someone who knows what it is like...

In the DailyCamera today there is a Letter to the Editor from NATE LLERANDI

Be calm behind the wheel

Sept. 9th's front page article on the SUV/cyclists accident punched me right in the gut. It reminded me of when my friend and I were cycling on that very stretch of road on Memorial Day, 2005. Due to extreme luck, all three of the women survived the brutal collision; my friend was not so lucky. The world lost a great person that day, six years ago.


Can't quote it all so please go to the DailyCamera to read the rest of it!

This is what Nate is speaking of