Foothills Highway closed north of Boulder for cyclists hit by vehicle

Is Highway 36 north of Boulder becoming too dangerous to ride?

From the Daily Camera:

Foothills Highway closed north of Boulder for cyclists hit by vehicle

Camera staff
Posted: 09/08/2011 09:07:39 AM MDT

Emergency crews are responding to a report of two cyclists struck by a vehicle near Nebo Road and North Foothills Highway north of Boulder.

"We were just going out for a nice morning bike ride," she said. "We were riding a road that is very popular with cyclists, and we were all in single file, well within the right shoulder.

"All of a sudden this black car swerved from behind another car and hit us head-on," she said. "There wasn't any time to react. The car just flew out of nowhere."

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From 9news

Car hits 3 cyclists, crash closes U.S. 36

BOULDER COUNTY - Two people were transported to Denver Health after a crash between a vehicle and two cyclists on U.S. 36 in Boulder County.

According to Boulder County dispatch, one of the victims was taken by helicopter to the hospital.

Colorado State Patrol is investigating the wreck.

U.S. 36 is closed going both directions. Dispatch says it could take up to three hours before the road is completely cleared between Nebo Road and Lefthand Canyon.

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I would love to punch you in the snout, you freaking douche. Cyclists are not your enemy. They are everyday people like you, that happen to have a day off and are enjoying their lives and their bikes, rather than motorized vehicles.

It is unreal reading comments like yours. If you actually live in Boulder, I wish you would move. If you just run through here like all the other dirtbags that then complain about a bunch of tree loving freaks, then just stay the hell away in your own redneck hell.

Your a douchebag. And for

Your a douchebag. And for the record I was born and raised in Boulder, CO. I was born here years ago and Mapleton Hospital was a children's hospital not a rehab. Where are you from that you think you can self righteously through someone out of there home town? This is my town. And I an environmentalist by training and profession. I love trees and work hard to keep Boulder beautiful. I am here to tell you that over the years the cyclist have become a royal pain in the ass. Just last week I was stuck behind some a**hole riding his bike down the MIDDLE of 28th street!!!! Hello there is a bike lane there why the hell must you ride in the middle of the street? Why do you have to be in the middle of the street in the city ranked #1 nationally for quantity and quality of bike/multipurpose trails???? And for the record I am black, not a red neck, just in case you want to make you bigoted comments more racially appropriate. Lastly if your really so much as a douche that you want to punch me for having an opinion different then yours I'll be at Cafe Sole tomorrow at 10am. Look for the black chick drinking coffee.

Authority in the house!

Okay, I was wrong! If you were born here, then those cyclists really should stop whining about getting hit by a car that was driving down the wrong side of the road in the bike lane.

I hope you don't whine when you get hit head on by that same guy. Like I said before, I wish you would move. I've lived here since the 60's and I don't care what kind of Boulder seniority you have. Your intolerance of your friends on bikes is the problem, not the solution.

Sensless Chic

So, almighty, holier than thou chic, you propose celebrating the injury and damage of human life just b/c they were riding their bikes? What exactly is your mantra that makes you think you are a gift to the world and to judge as you do and so casually apply the 'they deserved it, they were cyclists' mission statement you live by?

For your information, nearly every cyclist also owns a car, we all pay taxes, and it is not illegal for us to choose to ride our bike on the same roads to a destination vs our car. What would your cold-hearted, inhuman response be if those were 3 women walking their dogs down the shoulder of the road..."Ha, they dont belong, there are dog parks and miles of trails, who do they think they are, they deserved to get hit???!!!"

If that's your attitude/outlook and how you roll, I hope you get all you deserve in life too!

Cafe Soul Chic

While I sooo wish I could rearrange my schedule to meet you for coffee tomorrow, I cannot. But, I do invite you to bring your soap box and position statements to Valmont Bike Park pretty much anytime on Saturday 9/17. I'm sure the folks would be enlighten with your unique and special perspective.

If you are so very bold as you were here on this forum, I'm sure we can arrange a Town Hall format for you there with the announcer's microphone and a few other panelists. Or, if you are the coward I think you are, feel free to circulate a ballot and see how many people are in agreement with you.

If you want a more neutral spot, take a poll on Pearl St Mall as to how many people feel those 3 women on their bikes got what they deserved by riding single file in the bike lane and well within the law.

Rest assured, I will be sure to do the same for you should an auto someday go outside it's lane, come up on the sidewalk and take you out. Perhaps you should move to where your predjuices align with other like-minded people.

"Your a douchebag/And I an

"Your a douchebag/And I an environmentalist by training and profession"

I'm sure you're very good at what you do. You're so well spoken and thoughtful.

"city ranked #1 nationally for quantity and quality of bike/multipurpose trails"

Actually Minneapolis has a lot more multi-use paths than Boulder, and mountain biking options in Boulder leave a lot to be desired. What survey are you referring to?

"riding his bike down the MIDDLE of 28th street!!!!"

28th has at least two lanes in each direction, and a cyclist can't ride in the middle of both lanes at the same time. If s/he was taking one lane, you could've gone around, unless they were traveling at the same speed as a vehicle next to them - but in that case they would've been moving the same speed as traffic anyway.