Foothills - Eagle - Sage Trails

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Foothills - Eagle - Sage Trails

Want a quick mountain bike ride right from Boulder? Starting in north Boulder and head west on Lee Hill Road to the Fourmile Creek trailhead. Turn right and head north on the dirt path. Follow the dirt path as it winds through the Dakota Ridge subdivision. You will do a short rocky climb and a very short steep descent as the trails winds downhill and eventually heading east.

You will go through a small tunnel that goes beneath US36 and you will be at a small parking lot. Turn left and follow the road always staying to the right until you reach a gate. This is the start of the Eagle Trail. Follow the Eagle trail as it meanders on the top of the mesa heading east. You can see the Boulder Resevoir in the distance. You will eventually come to a short downhill that will drop you off at the Sage Trail.

At the bottom of the hill you can go either left or right because the Sage Trail does a large loop. If you go to the left you will hit a trailhead after about 1 mile. Cross the parking lot and go through another gate and go around the farm. Keep following the trail. You will eventually come to an intersection. Go right and drop down to a small pond. You will then ascend a gradual hill back to the Eagle trail. From here you will retrace your steps.

- Difficulty:
- 10.2 miles
- 970 feet of climbing
- Most of the mountain biking is relatively easy. There are a few rocky and steep sections on the Foothills trail just north of the trailhead off of Lee Hill Road.

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