Fixie Dave to ride Golden Gran Fondo

I've written about the Golden Gran Fondo several times. The 303Cycling team (Kris T, David K and I) are planning on participating in the 90 mile route on June 29th. This 90 miles covers a little over 12,000 feet of climbing. It's because of this that I've really enjoyed bantering in the comments section of previous GGF articles. The comment I was particularly fond of, was from the person that mentioned they could do this ride on a Cruiser.

Having done this event last year, I was joyously picturing the pain such a free-spirited individual might willingly inflict upon themselves. Chuckling with evil glee, thinking, "No way, my friend. noooooooooooo way." And then race director Marty Quinn contacted me the other day and told me that local legend, "Fixie Dave" had signed ride it on his...fixed gear fat-bike. I have no reason to whine. If he can do it, I can. And if I can, you can. So sign up and let's do this on...whatever bike you think you can handle.


Golden Gran Fondo
Fixie Dave, shout-out to GGF
Golden Gran Fondo on 303

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