Firecracker 50 Owner in Hot Water with Forest Service

From the Summit Daily News:

Firecracker 50 owner in hot water with Forest Service

Jeff Westcott could lose his permit for violating USFS rules
By Janice Kurbjun
Summit Daily News

Jeff Westcott, owner and promoter of last weekend's Firecracker 50 mountain bike race in Breckenridge, could lose his special events permit as a result of taking motorized equipment onto a designated non-motorized Forest Service trail to clear snow in preparation for the Independence Day race.

Westcott holds a recreation/special event permit for the Firecracker 50 and other events on Forest Service lands, Forest Service spokesman Pat Thrasher said. That permit has terms and conditions that must be met according to the Code of Federal Regulations.

“There was heavy snowfall this year, so as the event was approaching, part of the route was under snow,” he said. Without prior approval from Forest Service officials, Westcott mechanically removed snow from Little French Trail off French Gulch Road in the week leading up to the race.

Thrasher said Westcott is facing administrative action that could go so far as revoking his permit, though exact action is to be determined. He faces two tickets for violations of the provisions of the code.

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