Fatal car-bicycle accident closes Lefthand Canyon Drive

Looks like Christopher Loven has had issues with cyclists before. Here is an article form June of 2009:

BOULDER, Colo. — A Boulder County man accused of accosting a bicyclist in a weekend road-rage incident has been ticketed on suspicion of reckless endangerment.

The ticket, a class-three misdemeanor, alleges that Chris Loven created a “substantial risk of bodily injury to another person” by nearly forcing a cyclist into oncoming traffic. The charge is punishable by fines ranging from $50 to $750, and a maximum of six months in jail.

The incident that led to the ticket happened about 6 p.m. Saturday near the intersection of Lee Hill Drive and Olde Stage Road. Loven said he came upon a cyclist in the middle of the road who refused to move over and then punched his truck after a verbal confrontation.

The cyclist claims Loven was driving aggressively. Sheriff’s officials said a witness to the incident claimed Loven, not the cyclist, was the aggressor.

Loven, 43, will appear in a Boulder courtroom late next month. On Wednesday, he said he plans to fight the charge.

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From the Daily Camera:

Fatal car-bicycle accident closes Lefthand Canyon Drive

By Erica Meltzer, Camera Staff Writer
Posted: 06/17/2011 12:24:57 PM MDT

Colorado state troopers are investigating a fatal accident involving a car and a bicycle in Lefthand Canyon.

Boulder County sheriff's dispatchers said Colorado State Patrol will be handling the investigation.

Trooper Heather Cobler said the accident occurred at Lefthand Canyon and Lee Hill drives just after noon. She said she believed the victim was the cyclist, but hadn't yet confirmed that.

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Dear Cracker

Lets say cyclists all had visible plates, you witness one blowing a stop sign, and call police with a rider description, plate number, time and location. What do you think will happen??

The same thing that will happen if I call the cops and say I saw a vehicle with plate "x" breaking "y" law at location "z." Not a goddamn thing.

I can call *CSP when a vehicle is behaving erratically, but no number of complaints - from any number of different callers, will result in a ticket.

So get off your high horse and learn to live with the vast majority of cyclists who are respectful and safe. We deal with the vast majority of motorists who are also respectful and share the road with cyclists.


http://bicyclecolo.org/page.cfm?pageId=731Bicycle as for the effectiveness of *CSP, 3 complaints=a letter, addl. complaints= "they send a trooper to make personal contact with the registered owner of the vehicle to take appropriate enforcement action."
With the implementation of the 3-2-1 Law in CO, the impetus is on both drivers AND riders to act responsibly on the roads.
The original L/W has obvious hostile and aggressive feelings towards cyclists, making broad generalizations that leads one to easily dimiss their submission. The scary thing is what frame of mind are they in when they approach you on your bike in their vehicle.