Fatal car-bicycle accident closes Lefthand Canyon Drive

Looks like Christopher Loven has had issues with cyclists before. Here is an article form June of 2009:

BOULDER, Colo. — A Boulder County man accused of accosting a bicyclist in a weekend road-rage incident has been ticketed on suspicion of reckless endangerment.

The ticket, a class-three misdemeanor, alleges that Chris Loven created a “substantial risk of bodily injury to another person” by nearly forcing a cyclist into oncoming traffic. The charge is punishable by fines ranging from $50 to $750, and a maximum of six months in jail.

The incident that led to the ticket happened about 6 p.m. Saturday near the intersection of Lee Hill Drive and Olde Stage Road. Loven said he came upon a cyclist in the middle of the road who refused to move over and then punched his truck after a verbal confrontation.

The cyclist claims Loven was driving aggressively. Sheriff’s officials said a witness to the incident claimed Loven, not the cyclist, was the aggressor.

Loven, 43, will appear in a Boulder courtroom late next month. On Wednesday, he said he plans to fight the charge.

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From the Daily Camera:

Fatal car-bicycle accident closes Lefthand Canyon Drive

By Erica Meltzer, Camera Staff Writer
Posted: 06/17/2011 12:24:57 PM MDT

Colorado state troopers are investigating a fatal accident involving a car and a bicycle in Lefthand Canyon.

Boulder County sheriff's dispatchers said Colorado State Patrol will be handling the investigation.

Trooper Heather Cobler said the accident occurred at Lefthand Canyon and Lee Hill drives just after noon. She said she believed the victim was the cyclist, but hadn't yet confirmed that.

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what can be learned from this tragedy

1. Assume drivers are at least a little pissed off at road bikers, especially in areas like Fourmile Canyon where cyclists are a constant source of frustration to locals.
2. Assume anyone driving up a hill is not going to want to slow down for you and will be especially reluctant to stop. This is even more true of heavy vehicles.
3. Assume they will underestimate your speed going downhill.
4. Assume they may not see you in the shadows of a canyon.
5. Assume that as you approach an intersection with a vehicle approaching in the other direction that they may make an unsafe turn in front of you.

SLOW DOWN! Cheap thrills are overrated and provide only momentary "happiness," but may result in a lifetime of disability or a terrible loss to your loved ones.

There's nothing you can do about people like Loven. All you can do is control your own behavior.

Don't trust the cycling safety statistics you get from the Alliance for Biking and Walking or any other cycling association. They are advocacy organizations no different than the NRA in that they spin any negative information. It is rare that injury stats are kept on road biking by local hospitals, so there is little hard information about how dangerous road biking is. Just ask your biking friends for stories about cycling injuries. You will hear about far more injuries than if you did the same thing with any other activity. It can be done safely, but you have to be very selective about when, where, and with whom you ride.

Thank you.

I appreciate your consciousness and understanding of a very difficult situation. Your sense of responsibility as a biker is a breath of fresh air for those of us who live, work and bike in the mountains. Loven's actions are unacceptable to say the least, but it is important as a bicyclist to realize that a 30 minute drive up a canyon on a beautiful sunny day might have an automobile driver passing an average of 20-30 cyclists with an equal number descending at very high rates of speed relative to their ability to navigate and decelerate. While driving, it is the norm to have your heart leap into your throat at least once on such a trip as a cyclist looks over their shoulder and swerves in front of you or cuts across the double line on a blind corner. Many people who live in the mountains experience this almost daily. Please note that I myself am a cyclist and know very well the dangers and joy of riding in the mountains. I have been cycling in Boulder for over twenty years and can attest to the transformation in cycling attitude, in particular with lighter, faster bikes. As local cyclists have transitioned from commuting and recreation to sport and competition, so have attitudes. More responsibility needs to be taken...by everyone. Thanks again for your comment. It is spot on.

lets get real that cyclists

lets get real that cyclists on rural roads are plenty scared of plenty of inattentive or downright hostile drivers too. gettin kinda tired of drivers equivocating on how scary cyclists are.

a) we're unlikely to kill you no matter how dangerous we might be. not true of bad drivers.

b) we're rarely actually outight agressive or hostile. compare that the the drivers who try to teach us a lesson by buzzing us or cutting us off or choking us with exhaust farts as they pass.

so tired of equivocating about whos the real victim and whos the bully on mountain roads.

get real.

It is always sad when

It is always sad when another human being is killed by accident but the fact remains, when a person is on a bike, descending at high speed with very little protection, there has to be some responsibility placed on that person who chose to put themselves in that position. Remember how we were taught to drive defensively? Expect the unexpected? Everyone else is an idiot? Approaching any intersection is a cause to slow down - don't expect to be seen by drivers. Even with bright colors, you are too small to be seen at high speed. I had several unfortunate instances where I was coming down a steep hill and several bikers were tailgating me!! I was keeping my vehicle at a safe speed and yet these jerks are riding my bumper - I was looking for a place to pull over but they decided that they couldn't wait and so PASSED me on the outside on a sharp turn into the oncoming lane of traffic - thank God that no one was coming the other way! As a matter of fact, two bikers were coming up the road and they almost ran into them! Can you imagine the feeling of driving around a curve and having a biker(s) right in front of you and being unable to avoid a collision!? These idiots may have been the exception, but lets accept responsibility on both sides. Share the road and play by the rules. Too many bikers think they OWN the road.....

Thanks for sharing troll.

Thanks for sharing troll. Now gtfo.

I can share a million stories about dick motorists following me to close, cutting me off, etc. Why don't you share some responsibility for them?

A role model cyclist died, through no fault of his own, and you use it as an opportunity to spout off about cyclists owning the road. Unbelievable.


I was one of the first people on the scene of this accident.. Please take a moment to stop judging this accident or the people involved.You were not there! I can not believe what I have seen written on these comment spaces....After helping with CPR on Mr. Howry.. and comforting the truck drivers 9 year old daughter that witnessed the entire scene........maybe you too would look at this situation with a little more compassion for ALL involved.

Ah back again? This comment

Ah back again? This comment looks very similar to the ones posted on drunkcyclist.com and elsewhere.

There was no daughter there, and there was no cpr performed. This guy, who works for a company called Power Earth Movers, has a history of harassing cyclists in the Boulder area, and was even convicted of this two years ago.

Turning across oncoming traffic is against the law, and in this case, it killed someone. Don't ask me to have compassion for this scumbag.


did you miss something? Yes, CPR was performed by Chris and YES his daughter was there. Might want to get your facts straight before you make an ass out of yourself. Oh wait, you already did ;)