Fa La La La La La: What to Buy the Woman You Love

Author: Cheri Felix
(Photo Credit: 303Photo)

Fa La La La La La: What to Buy the Woman You Love. Or What to Buy Yourself. It’s that time of year when I look back and see what some of my favorite things were.

Shredly: Shredly is a woman owned Colorado company and if that wasn’t enough to knock your chamois off, all of the clothing is made in the USA. The shorts are multi use and sassy enough to wear around town long after the ride, the climb or the yoga class is done. The jerseys also marry function with good looks. Ashley Rankin has put her heart into this company and it’s a great gift especially if you are looking to buy someone something they’ve never seen before. Shredly= high function + knock everyone’s socks off style. www.shredly.com

RecoFit: As I age and recover slower there’s one thing for certain I need more support. And this
compression gear fits the bill. The material is soft and stretchy enough to get on without popping your knuckles yet snug enough to keep your calves in place all the while promoting circulation. I wear these while riding and while running. Who can’t use a bit more help getting the blood back up to the heart? Reco stands for recovery and Fit stands for Fitness. Get some for someone you love. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. www.recofit.co

Club Ride: Love me some Club Ride. Club Ride delivers clothing that can be worn from trail to bar stool and everywhere in between. The style is unique, it delivers functionally and it’s pretty kick ass to boot. Club Ride makes pants, shorts, jerseys, jackets and has one of my favorite chamois on the market. Sshh it’s not a secret but they have a new skirt for the ladies. Read more about that next week. www.clubrideapparel.com

Lee McCormack: Think you know everything or that you’ve seen it all? Want to ride harder but don’t want to end up in the emergency room forking over a co-pay? Afraid your kids might hurt themselves at the Valmont Bike Park? Do you suspect mountain biking is even more rad than you know? Well, if you nodded your head at any of these, sign yourself (or someone you love) up for one of Lee’s clinics. And let me know you are going. Cause I want to go too. Lee’s clinic changed my little mountain biking life. He’s the master. www.leelikesbikes.com

My Christmas wish for you. May you ride hard. May you ride often. May you ride rad and may you find your magic. May you look good doing while it. May you always have enough trails to ride. May you be safe and may everyone coming down hill when you are riding up the hill yield to you. May you know the joy of sweet singletrack on a perfectly sunny day with the perfect temps to go with it. May you share your love of the ride with those around you. And may you always know that you are awesome.

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