Boulder Valley Velodrome - Update

The rumors first started last summer about a new velodrome that was going to be built in Erie. Well progress continues and the new velodrome is now being called the Boulder Valley Velodrome. Here is a brief description taken from the website.

Boneshaker and Board Track Racing Inc. will be building a 250-meter velodrome. The shape is a work of art designed by Peter Junek, specifically for our site. It will be similar to the track Peter built in Aguascalientes, Mexico, for the Pan-American track championships where world records were set by Sarah Hammer. It will have 12-degree straight-aways, and 42-degree banking on the turns. It is designed to accommodate the world’s fastest racers and still allow beginners to ride comfortably.

More information from the website:

Once our funding is in place, we anticipate six months of construction to complete the velodrome. If we had the money today, we would be digging a hole tomorrow. We have jumped through years of hoops to get where we are now. Every detail needed to get the building permit is done:

  • Buy property: check.
  • Obtain zoning change: check.
  • Design & architectural drawings: check.
  • Complete special-review packet: check.
  • Have excavation permit: check.

No petitions, letter-writing campaigns or meetings are necessary. We received a 5-0 positive vote from the Erie Planning Commission, and a 9-0 thumbs up from the town’s Board of Trustees. We are cleared for take-off. If we, the cycling community of Colorado, want to build an Olympic-caliber velodrome in Erie, we are free to do so. Therefore, it seems realistic to set a goal of beginning construction this May.

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