Ebay Retailer - Pros Closet Expanding

E ight years ago, Nick Martin lived in his Volkswagen van while trying to make it as a professional mountain bike racer.

When times got tough, he sold everything he could live without on eBay.

His Trek-Volkswagen teammates and cycling peers took notice of Martin's eBay savvy and started shuffling their old cycling gear his way, hoping to make some extra cash.

What started as a way to pay for Martin's racing lifestyle soon became The Pro's Closet, the pro cycling circle's go-to spot for selling used bikes and other outdoor gear on eBay. For buyers across the world, the company's three professional photographers document every inch of each product, including any dents or scratches so that customers know what they're buying.

"We're trying to be as transparent as possible, we don't like to surprise our customers," Martin said. "They can trust that they're going to get something that's been gone through, inspected and kind of has that Pro's Closet stamp of approval."

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