Driver ticketed in Lefthand Canyon crash that injured cyclist Dale Stetina

From the Daily Camera:

Ryan Dowd cited for careless driving resulting in bodily injury

The driver involved in a Lefthand Canyon crash last August that left former professional cyclist Dale Stetina with life-threatening injuries has been cited by the Colorado State Patrol for his role in the accident.

Ryan Dowd, 40, of Longmont, was issued a summons for careless driving resulting in bodily injury -- a Class 1 traffic offense -- according to the Boulder County District Attorney's Office. He is scheduled to appear in court for an arraignment on Jan. 8.

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What's the right punishment?

The driver was ticketed because his lack of attention and caution led to a tragic crash. Now he goes to court to determine his fate. Man, that crash could have happened to any of thousands of us who descend that canyon regularly. Thinking personally, what would I want the punishment to be if I was the person nearly killed and now fighting to regain my life. And thinking more broadly about general cycling safety, what punishment would help more cyclists be safe? This is a story with no winners unless the outcome serves to change the environment of risk we all accept when we are on the road. The punishment will hopefully be something that does that.