Driver Arrested in Cyclist's Death had Complained about Bicyclists

Driver arrested in cyclist's death had complained bicyclists 'don't belong' in Lyons

Patrick Ward, 69, due to be charged Thursday in fatal weekend accident

Patrick Ward, the driver facing vehicular homicide and DUI charges in connection with the death Saturday in Lyons of Boulder cyclist Michel Van Duym, has made strong statements at town meetings against cyclists and the problems he believes they create in that town.

According to an account published in the Lyons Recorder in March 2010, Ward made a series of statements before a meeting of the Lyons Planning and Community Development Commission expressing his thoughts about proposals to promote and enhance the use of bicycles in Lyons.

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So the guy who hit Byron Nix had a history of being anti-cyclist, Chris Loven had a history of altercations with cyclists, and this guy was at several council meetings complaining about cyclists.

At some point, this is not a coincidence anymore.

Where is the outrage from the cycling community? Non-existent as far as I can tell.

Don't Kill Me!

Maybe I need a jersey that says "Don't Kill Me I'm Just Riding A Bike!" or something similar. That or a plain white one with an image of a 1911 half out of the pocket. ;D
I suppose that one would backfire though (no pun intended-much).

No win for everyone

That's why I'm glad I have my friend Walther and 7 of his friends accompany me with my ride all the time. Go pro to document any incidents. We need a website for all cyclist to document their incident with as much details as possible. Hopefully somebody would recognise the plate or the person and update the website and a psych job would do the deed for us.

The Go-Pro is a good idea,

The Go-Pro is a good idea, but, You are an idiot for inferring that a handgun could protect you. All a handgun wielding cyclist will do is polarize the public against cyclist even more. Better to let the police handle law enforcement, rather than become a vigilante. You pull a gun, a driver runs you down, and your family is SOL cause the driver was in fear of his life when he ran you down. How does that help?