Driver Arrested in Cyclist's Death had Complained about Bicyclists

Driver arrested in cyclist's death had complained bicyclists 'don't belong' in Lyons

Patrick Ward, 69, due to be charged Thursday in fatal weekend accident

Patrick Ward, the driver facing vehicular homicide and DUI charges in connection with the death Saturday in Lyons of Boulder cyclist Michel Van Duym, has made strong statements at town meetings against cyclists and the problems he believes they create in that town.

According to an account published in the Lyons Recorder in March 2010, Ward made a series of statements before a meeting of the Lyons Planning and Community Development Commission expressing his thoughts about proposals to promote and enhance the use of bicycles in Lyons.

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Have you got any idea how

Have you got any idea how frequently a legally carried concealed weapon is used to stop an assault? I bet you don't. Any idea how frequently a concealed weapon is actually fired when pulled? Again, I bet you don't. Ever met anyone who has used a concealed weapon to stop a crime? I bet not. I know a man, a cyclist, who used a concealed weapon in self defenspe against someone trying to run over him with a truck. Worked out perfectly and the driver was charged with attempted vehicular manslaughter.

I recall a case in New Mexico

I recall a case in New Mexico where a cyclist was riding well off the beaten path up behind Cochiti near the tent rocks area and a local clown sent his dogs after the cyclist. The cyclist used his handgun to scare off the dogs but the owner heard that, jumped in his pickemup truck then tried to run down the cyclist wherein the cyclist used his handgun for personal defense and won. If the dog owner was still alive I'll bet he would think it was probably a stupid idea in hindsight to send his dogs to attack a cyclist that was just out riding along.

When I started biking 25

When I started biking 25 years ago I would never have thought to have a camera on my bike.

Now on the Front Range you have to have a Go Pro (front and back) to protect you and your family in some way.

Unfortunately we are learning so fast and so hard with the likes of Patrick Ward, Chris Loven, James Ernst , ETC is out there for all of us (no connection)

Rude drivers i have came

Rude drivers i have came across have definitively shown their HATE for bicyclist. Watch out for a blue Nissan with a fat, white hair, and mid age driver cruising around Deer creek on saturdays very agressive to riders and causing very unsafe situations - unfortunately did not catch the plate