Over the Top with Dr. Andy Pruitt

Many of you along the Front Range know of Dr. Andy Pruitt. He's the guru of knee pain at Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. Dr. Pruitt discusses the importance of proper fit (bicycle, shoes) and equipment (saddle, shorts, gloves, etc) for comfort, longevity and durability in cycling.

Think it's not that big of a deal? Think again. Hear how clip-in pedals and aero-bars revolutionized cycling (and initially caused an injury epidemic). Plus, you'll hear the proper way to pronounce the word, soigneur (if you don't already know). And there's some running stuff in there too. For all of you triathletes.

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*Thanks to George Thomas and Over the Top for another informative and entertaining interview!!

News Item: 


Andy is NOT an MD but a PA.

Andy is NOT an MD but a PA.

If you didn't go to med school then you are not a doctor. This title creep of calling people DR for PHDs and other educational pursuits is not genuine. That practice should stop. Even Universities are calling non MD programs doctor programs. As in the case of Andy and California Coast University.


I think I have one of his books on the shelf.

Check this out Steve Hogg vs Andy Pruitt.