Does this lycra make me look fast?

Pedal the Plains (now in it's 3rd year) may be mostly flat, but it's a challenging 3 day tour nonetheless. It's a good thing, then that it's also more fun than you can have climbing a silo (farm kids will know this reference). Danielle Webber and Amanda Cyr are teaming up to tackle this tour. Their main challenge as a team? Experience. Danielle falls into the "never ever category", while (as some of you know) Amanda falls into...well...the fast and accomplished Track Cyclist category.

The best part? They have been chosen as one of this year's
"Plain Pedalers" for the Denver Post. So it's alllllllllllll going to be documented [Editor's note: insert maniacal laugh here, as Amanda is my friend and I like to heckle her.] Here's a little clip from Danielle's latest post. Looks like they are ON THEIR WAY to successfully tackling the tumbleweeds!!

I know many people riding Pedal The Plains have been cycling for years, some possibly for decades. I do not fall into this category...The biggest adjustment for me so far has been wearing a full kit (and honestly, maybe learning more bike terminology! It’s a good thing I rock with context clues!). I had done some riding in years past, even once riding about 72 miles in one day. But I had just thrown on some workout capris and hopped on the bike! I knew there were these fancy shorts that had padding, but I was either always worried about wearing shorts in public or finding said shorts that fit me. Knowing that I’m the frugal, on-a-budget person, Amanda gave me some of her old kits to try. Remind me why I waited so long?!

Click here to read Danielle's post in its entirety. Good fun. We can't wait to see how this dynamic duo does the weekend of September 19th-21! It's not too late to sign up, yourself. You can join Danielle, Amanda and hundreds others to Pedal the Plains.

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