Commuter Tip #1 - Don't bike your Drive

Don't bike your Drive

In my book this is close to the one of the BIGGEST mistake random/beginner commuters do and that is selecing nearly the same route to bike to work/school or where ever that you would if you drove your car. Cyclist, especially Boulder cyclist, have options for route selection that cars can't even consider and even in communities that are not bike friendly there you can still find lots of "off the beaten path" routes that may take some extra time but in the end will give you a stress free commute, out of the pollution and out of danger. Why ride down Pearl when you have Walnut & Pine on either side with wonderful cycling infrastructure.

How do you find that perfect off the beaten path? Explore, find the inner child and explore a bit. It is amazing how better your commute gets when there isn't any traffic around you.

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Don't bike your Drive

I usually use the bike path to avoid all the exhaust and cars, in the morning. In the afternoon, especially on nice days, I keep to the road. It's scary with all the peds with their ear buds in.
Finding new ways into work is nice, I agree!