Cyclist taken out by Barbed Wire on south Denver Bike Path

Details are still coming in, but from information we have received, a female cyclist crashed on the bike path late this afternoon in south Denver. The rider struck the barbed wire and did an endo hitting her helmet, chest and palms. The police have been contacted. Exact location is still be worked out.

Unlike the last time a story like this came up, where it ended up being an accident from a fisherman but somehow I have to believe that barbed wire does not accidentally end up on a bike path.


Location: S. Platte bike path just north of Mineral. There is a little bridge that you cross and it was just north of there.,-105.029984&spn=0.018456,0.045447&...

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I don't understand why this story isn't gaining more traction. ...Because there is no Youtube video to accompany? This is disgusting and horrendous and needs to be investigated and the crime / perpetrator prosecuted. I wish that the victim had chosen to remain at the scene until police arrived and a formal report of the crime had been filed.
Also, the local television network affiliate news media is the second channel which should have been pursued in short order.

a report WAS filed

Jacquie is on our team and she emailed me last night asking what she should do. She DID stay on scene and DID report it to police. We immediately turned to 303 and other media contacts with the story. So it is gaining traction.

From the Littleton Police

Littleton Police Caution Bicyclists Using Platte River Trail
On October 7 at 6:00 p.m., a bicyclist was traveling northbound on the Mary
Carter Greenway Trail in South Platte Park, just north of West Mineral Avenue.
Unknown individual(s) had tied barbed wire across the trail approximately one foot
above the ground. The bicyclist collided with the wire and was thrown off the bicycle.
The victim was injured and the bicycle was damaged.
The Littleton Police Department (LPD) and South Suburban Parks and
Recreation are investigating this incident as a serious threat to public safety. Suspect(s)
participating in this type of behavior could be charged with reckless endangerment and
assault, as well as other criminal charges. Both agencies will be collaborating to
increase patrols along the trail and want to remind bicyclists to use caution, especially in
low light conditions. Anyone with information regarding this incident should contact the
LPD at 303-795-3890.

Tied one foot above the

Tied one foot above the ground leads me to believe that they were more likely targeting runners, not cyclists. If it had been chest high, I would say it was aimed at cyclists. Most likely a very stupid prank by someone, probably pretty young, who didn't think through the consequences of their actions. Given that it was only a foot off the ground, I don't see this as some evil attempt at maiming/killing cyclists.

The height doesn't matter

The height of the barbed wire really doesn't matter. I live in the area and use this path with my family on a regular basis. Acts such as these don't belong in a civilized society. The tone of your post indicates that you think that "given the barded wire stretched one-foot high across the path, it wasn't intended for cyclists" so this is a non-story.

I call BS on that. When my 4 year old son is riding his 12" wheeled bike, a wire stretched one foot above the ground could be very dangerous. These types of acts need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if possible.

The thing I think you and

The thing I think you and Steve, and lots more, are prey to is the 'cyclist as a protected class' mentality. Every time someone is hit by a car, it rears it's ugly head. Do you get equally as upset when a pedestrian is hit, or another car is hit? We are NOT special.