Cyclist taken out by Barbed Wire on south Denver Bike Path

Details are still coming in, but from information we have received, a female cyclist crashed on the bike path late this afternoon in south Denver. The rider struck the barbed wire and did an endo hitting her helmet, chest and palms. The police have been contacted. Exact location is still be worked out.

Unlike the last time a story like this came up, where it ended up being an accident from a fisherman but somehow I have to believe that barbed wire does not accidentally end up on a bike path.


Location: S. Platte bike path just north of Mineral. There is a little bridge that you cross and it was just north of there.,-105.029984&spn=0.018456,0.045447&...

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The thing I think and lots

The thing I think and lots more are prey to is the 'stupid is as stupid does' mentality.

It does not matter how I react when a ped or another car or the twin towers is hit. The topic is yet another booby trap in a cycling area. From cars to trash cans to glass in the bike lane, I am well aware that cyclists are anything but a protected class. What we do not need is someone like the radio jocks a few years ago putting a bounty on cyclists or someone like yourself with the dismissive attitude that things like this come with the territory and that we must accept it as part of the risk we undertake.

The point is that we are

The point is that we are worthy of no more and no less protection under the law. This issue warrants no particular special emphasis just because a cyclist was involved. I'm pretty sure you agree with the first point. Not sure if you agree with the second, though I think you probably do. However, lots of folks seem to think otherwise and it is to those people I would suggest they dial back the rhetoric.

It does not matter how I feel

It does not matter how I feel when another ped, car, or twin tower is hit; that is irrelavant to the current topic. The thing I think that you are prey to is simple stupidity. From glass in the road, to cars in the bike lane to radio DJs placing bounties on cyclists, we are reminded daily that we are not a protected class.
What rears its ugly head is the knowledge that once again someone is hit and once again no one will be blamed except the victim. That is what you are doing. Just because someone chooses to bike does not mean that they choose to accept the consequences of someone else's criminal activity. Yes, we are all protected from criminal acts. If that is what you meant; then yes, I am a member of a protected class. Its called society.

This is very bizarre and

This is very bizarre and troubling given how busy this spot is.

Another more troubling scenario is they may have been targeting the blind. There are hundreds of blind people in the apartments just N/W of this spot and they sometimes walk the path.