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We get contacted all the time with people asking us about group rides and favorite local rides. We got this email yesterday from a reader in Denver and I hope we can help them out.

Hello 303,

I am seeing what kind of interest there is in Denver for a weekly cyclocross group ride in a couple of local parks. Would like it to be a Denver version of the Wednesday worlds held in Boulder. I have been unable to find out if this exists in Denver. If not, I would like to post an email on your site for local riders interested.


So, if you know about a cyclocross group ride or are interested in getting one organized please send and email to

Here is some info provided below of a Wednesday evening ride in Goldern

Posted by Lee Waldman on August 10, 2010 at 2:12pm

Starting this week our course at Lookout Mtn. Youth Services Center in Golden, CO will be open on Wednesday nights for training. Come on out. The more the merrier. We are also planning to get a little more organized this year and have a "formal" training race / clinic starting at 5:00 pm at least every other Wednesday. We'll have to charge a minimal fee for those just to cover the insurance cost but it will be minimal. This is barely in the planning stage right now but you can still come out and train. The course has been cut multiple times and only needs to be ridden now to make it a great cross course. You can contact me for more information.

Lee Waldman 720-313-5312

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