Coffee Talk Tuesday - Denver Bike Lane Parking Woes

Last Sunday our family participated in a 5K near DU. It was the delegated Fall "Girls on the Run" race. The philosophy behind Girls on the Run is fantastic: empowering girls through fitness at an early age. Getting them hooked on fitness that is fun. The race was great. There were a ton of participants. It was wonderful to see so many families, school groups and girls get their run on. What wasn't so great to see was THIS.

This brought up an interesting conversation in our car amongst our family and also when I posted the picture on facebook. I kind of snorted when I saw the huge line of cars here, but at the same time I felt that something should be done. On the other hand, I somewhat understood WHY the cars parked there. The people who parked there probably didn't know the area, they were worried they'd miss the start of a race for their kids, parking was very limited for the amount of participants, etc.

  • But what do you do when there is a car (or 10-15 cars) parked in a bike lane?
  • Should there be exclusions for big events (as in this case, a race)?
  • Do you call the department of transportation?
  • Do you leave a note?
  • Do you approach the driver if they make an appearance?
  • Or are we just simply too sensitive when situations like this arise after years of fighting for space on the roads?

If I had been on my bike, I would've simply ridden right in the middle of the lane without a THIS situation. But if I were in a different part of the city, and/or felt it was done deliberately, odds are I'd have called the authorities.

What about you? Grab your coffee and chime on in.

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Its a driving world out there

Its a driving world out there, not a cycling one, regardless of how bike "friendly" it may be. There is not one road in the US designed for bikes. When sharing pavement with autos, my motto is Cars Don't Loose, which keeps me always on guard.....and on routes with the least auto traffic