Deer Creek Canyon Challenge Interview

There is a new event on the bike calendar this summer and it looks very interesting. With three distances offered there is something for everyone but make sure you bring your climbing legs. We had a few questions about the event and here are the answers. Dont forget the price goes up May 1st!

[303Cycling] With a higher elevation gain than the Triple Bypass at over 12,000 ft and 20 less miles, who came up with the course? Do you recommend any special gearing?
[Deer Creek] The final course design is the product of a collaborative effort among the event owner, Pat Downing of Downing Events, and two local cyclists - Tim Balfe and Randy Williams.

Our goal was to create a centrally located ride that is both challenging and convenient. This is why the course starts and finishes at the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield. We created a full loop with limited overlap to eliminate bike transport fees for our participants. The result is a spectacular course that is a challenging yet convenient one-day event for cyclists.

To be specific, the total elevation gain of the century course is 12,751 feet over 106 miles. That's 120.3 feet per mile - greater than any other century in the US and a greater elevation gain than any one day on the Tour de France. For gearing, we recommend 39 on front and 28 on back, triple or compact.

[303Cycling] I noticed on your website participants can fund raise for the event. Is fundraising required?
[Deer Creek] No, fundraising is not required to participate in the event - just the registration fee. We are working to finalize partnerships with a number of nonprofit beneficiaries which will result in the opportunity for cyclists to collect pledges. We'll post this information on our website and release it to the public just as soon as we have solidified the details.

[303Cycling] With such a demanding course, how many aid stations are there?
[Deer Creek] There are 7 aid stations located 10-14 miles apart. We want to establish a new, even higher standard in cyclist support. That means fun and creative food, energy replacement, hydration and, of course, technical support. We recently completed a series of focus groups to get very detailed insight for creating the best rider support system possible.

[303Cycling] Any else you would like to add?
[Deer Creek] There's no question this will be a challenging ride for people. At the same time, this ride is also about safety and having fun. We will manage these aspects through rider support. The event's owner, Downing Events, also produces the Cherry Creek Sneak and the Tri for the Cure which is the largest sprint-distance triathlon in the county. They have more than 20 years of experience in creating and managing races and tours.

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