Is Dead Dog Dying?

I saw this on the ACA forum late last week:

Registration closed last night. There are only 325 racing. Not sure why we are down about 100 registered racers from last year. SM Pro-1-2 field is slim with only 25. Last year we had just over 60 register. Maybe they are all at nationals? Anyway, weather is looking pretty good and we hope to have a good race!

This to me is very interesting when other events fill up with days. The Leadville 100 Mountain Bike race filled up immediately and so have many of the Leadville 100 Alternatives. The Triple ByPass has become extremely popular and filled up in less than a day! Yeah I know you might say well these are mountain bike events and a long one day tour and Dead Dog is a road stage race. Well, The Front Range Mountain Bike Series cancelled there last few racers due to low turn out. Here is what they said:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

End of FRMTB Series for 2010

We would like to thank all the racers, racer's families, volunteers, and sponsors who supported the series this year - you made each of the races an absolute blast to be a part of. Unfortunately, the reality is that turnout isn't where we'd need it to be, which, when combined with the time constraints of everyday life, means we are cutting the series short at the halfway point. It seems the sweet-spot for this type of race is in the early spring - wind, rain, and rescheduled races permitting - so that's a lesson learned for us. Actually, we learned a lot of lessons along the way from the valuable feedback many of you gave us after the races. Lessons we'll put to good use in the future.

We're finalizing the point standings for each of the cats this week and will get prizes out the door ASAP to the folks that put the stomp on the competition (nope, we didn't forget about you, the goods are comin'). Aside from that, if anyone wants to grab a pint at the Southern Sun sometime, send us a quick note and we'll meet you there.

Again, thanks for all your support. We'll likely post-up early next year to see how folks are feeling about another series for 2011 (looking at the possibility of a full length xc race in there as well). Meanwhile, keep racing, riding, supporting your local mtb association, helping build trails, and keeping the sport cool.

- Erik and Alec
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So, what is it? Location? The course? Lets hear it.

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Tripple and Leadville are

Tripple and Leadville are not races, they are "special" events. A lot of riders that is there event for the year.
Front Range MTB series. Cross uses the same courses... Winter Park series is still going strong!

A few reasons DD may be low turn out this year compared to last year...
1. Nats - Maybe 30 to 50 riders?
2. 6 Spring Front Range Road Races vs 3 last year. Went from Deer Trail, Hugo and Rock the River last year to the addition of Koppenburg, Roubaix & Morgal. Same number of racers spread over more races. Hugo and Rock River where also a bit lower turn out then past years. Roubaix, Deer Trail and Morgal had 600+ each. (non-travel circuit road races.)
3. 1 day event vs. full weekend with RR, Crit and TT. A lot of older newer racers don't do crits. Also, need silly bike to do good in TT. If a RR only option was added, it might get 50 more racers for Saturday? A Stage Race is a big commentment.

End of summer will be interesting. 4 RRs/SRs in a 6 week span.

Interesting question. I

Interesting question. I think it's the economy and people are focusing on the biggies i.e. Leadville, Roubaix, Deer Trail, Mt. Evans are marquee events/races. People are saving their money. Or, we are all saving ourselves for cross season and using Leadville as a tuneup. For me, I've raced a few times this year and would probably race more if upgrading wasn't so damn time consuming. Say the ACA adds a Cat 5, and easier criteria for upgrading. Well there is an achievable goal for this mortal and I might invest more into races, rather than events.

2 cents

So, what is it? Location? The course? Lets hear it.
I used to do every race I could on the calendar, now things are tighter and I am a lot more family oriented. The last few years I have been restricted to only one "travel" race a year: Salida, then Rock the River, then none this year. My team mates always hated the "preregistration only" of dead dog when I would bring it up. This year I took a part time job to try to cover all racing expenses, trying to do it all for $500, this includes license, parts, clothing, and registration fees. Thank god for the golden training races @ $15 a pop.
I am more concerned (for purely selfish reasons, not bashing anyone) that we do not have as many crits as years past. Lost: hill crit, springs crit, fort morgan, fort collins, sara kay, mead, lafayette crit, meridian... many of the 'replacement' courses (often < 1k) can only handle about 20 finishers (nbc, prospect, the "new (old)" city park, the "new" niwot, prarie center).

Laramie is not a nice town.

Laramie is not a nice town. Sorry. Plus, the course, while super epic fits very few riders strengths (excessive climbing). Why would you go if you know you are going to slog it all day off the back? I'd rather save it for Salida or Steamboat.

They should look into a no TT bike deal like Steamboat did last year. It will upset the TT specialists with funny bikes, but it would help a lot of racers feel like they had a shot in hell at a top GC finish ... that is if they manage a decent road race result.

Laramie is a nice town

What a stupid comment. When were you last there?

I just got back from doing the Dead Dog for the first time in a while. Our team had 6 guys up there and we all felt Laramie was a nice little town, and better then any of us had remembered. Like a small Ft. Collins and 2 hours from Boulder. The race staff was super well organised and very friendly. The hotel was cheap and we had 2 nice dinners out. One of our guys brought his family and they all had fun too.

I think CO racers are lazy and spoiled. If the race is over an hour away the #'s drop way off. Look at Glenwood, or Salidia, or Dead Dog. This mentality has killed off some great races. That is also compounded by the fact everone is now a specilist, either "crit guy" or a "climber". Unless you are a pro, just race! $hit man I am 175 pound, I had no chance in the RR, but I was there. I got smoked, but had fun and enjoyed the crit and the tt more.

Are Colorado Racers Spoiled or blessed

"I think CO racers are lazy and spoiled. If the race is over an hour away the #'s drop way off."

I believe you on to something, look at the results from Pueblo crit.... 56 racers TOTAL ALL CATEGORIES

I don't think it is all of Colorado but localized to a small geographical area and is it fair to say they are lazy or blessed? Lucky because soo many races happen just a stones throw away in that area.