Is Dead Dog Dying?

I saw this on the ACA forum late last week:

Registration closed last night. There are only 325 racing. Not sure why we are down about 100 registered racers from last year. SM Pro-1-2 field is slim with only 25. Last year we had just over 60 register. Maybe they are all at nationals? Anyway, weather is looking pretty good and we hope to have a good race!

This to me is very interesting when other events fill up with days. The Leadville 100 Mountain Bike race filled up immediately and so have many of the Leadville 100 Alternatives. The Triple ByPass has become extremely popular and filled up in less than a day! Yeah I know you might say well these are mountain bike events and a long one day tour and Dead Dog is a road stage race. Well, The Front Range Mountain Bike Series cancelled there last few racers due to low turn out. Here is what they said:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

End of FRMTB Series for 2010

We would like to thank all the racers, racer's families, volunteers, and sponsors who supported the series this year - you made each of the races an absolute blast to be a part of. Unfortunately, the reality is that turnout isn't where we'd need it to be, which, when combined with the time constraints of everyday life, means we are cutting the series short at the halfway point. It seems the sweet-spot for this type of race is in the early spring - wind, rain, and rescheduled races permitting - so that's a lesson learned for us. Actually, we learned a lot of lessons along the way from the valuable feedback many of you gave us after the races. Lessons we'll put to good use in the future.

We're finalizing the point standings for each of the cats this week and will get prizes out the door ASAP to the folks that put the stomp on the competition (nope, we didn't forget about you, the goods are comin'). Aside from that, if anyone wants to grab a pint at the Southern Sun sometime, send us a quick note and we'll meet you there.

Again, thanks for all your support. We'll likely post-up early next year to see how folks are feeling about another series for 2011 (looking at the possibility of a full length xc race in there as well). Meanwhile, keep racing, riding, supporting your local mtb association, helping build trails, and keeping the sport cool.

- Erik and Alec
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So, what is it? Location? The course? Lets hear it.

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Dead Dog not back?

Although this is my first year racing, I have raced all over Nor-Cal, a little in Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. I may not know what it is like to organize a race, but I know the difference between a well organized, and a poorly organized race. For the organizers of Dead Dog: you did an excellent job. On the registration numbers: I raced at Sea Otter, the premier cycling event in the US, and not even their numbers were full. Hopefully next year will be better for all of us.


Interesting conversation. Ive been racing in the SW123 field for the past two years and have noticed lower numbers across the board for this year vs last. Im not sure why either.

I raced at Dead Dog this year and last year and thought it was a GREAT race. I really like the format of 3 races in two days because it means that I do not have to take time off from work on Friday to do the stage race. It also keeps me busy the whole time Im there - I don't spend my whole Saturday just hanging out (after my 45 min crit) cuz I need to be rested for Sunday. Both of these reasons made Laramie a much better option than Salida for me this yr. Slapping a late fee on 3 weeks before the race date would be the only complaint that I have. I REALLY hope DD stick around!

I did not race Pueblo and can offer up the following reasons that affected *my* choice:
1) It was the day after Hugo, a brutal 80mi race that was a BAR/BAT event, while Pueblo was not
2) With so many other crit options up here in the Denver metro area, it was hard to justify such a long drive for such a short race
3) Expensive plus big late fee
Regarding prizes: prizes are certainly nice but I hope that most of us race cuz we LIKE training/racing and not for a prize. If the race is reasonably priced Im fine with limited prize lists.