Is Dead Dog Dying?

I saw this on the ACA forum late last week:

Registration closed last night. There are only 325 racing. Not sure why we are down about 100 registered racers from last year. SM Pro-1-2 field is slim with only 25. Last year we had just over 60 register. Maybe they are all at nationals? Anyway, weather is looking pretty good and we hope to have a good race!

This to me is very interesting when other events fill up with days. The Leadville 100 Mountain Bike race filled up immediately and so have many of the Leadville 100 Alternatives. The Triple ByPass has become extremely popular and filled up in less than a day! Yeah I know you might say well these are mountain bike events and a long one day tour and Dead Dog is a road stage race. Well, The Front Range Mountain Bike Series cancelled there last few racers due to low turn out. Here is what they said:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

End of FRMTB Series for 2010

We would like to thank all the racers, racer's families, volunteers, and sponsors who supported the series this year - you made each of the races an absolute blast to be a part of. Unfortunately, the reality is that turnout isn't where we'd need it to be, which, when combined with the time constraints of everyday life, means we are cutting the series short at the halfway point. It seems the sweet-spot for this type of race is in the early spring - wind, rain, and rescheduled races permitting - so that's a lesson learned for us. Actually, we learned a lot of lessons along the way from the valuable feedback many of you gave us after the races. Lessons we'll put to good use in the future.

We're finalizing the point standings for each of the cats this week and will get prizes out the door ASAP to the folks that put the stomp on the competition (nope, we didn't forget about you, the goods are comin'). Aside from that, if anyone wants to grab a pint at the Southern Sun sometime, send us a quick note and we'll meet you there.

Again, thanks for all your support. We'll likely post-up early next year to see how folks are feeling about another series for 2011 (looking at the possibility of a full length xc race in there as well). Meanwhile, keep racing, riding, supporting your local mtb association, helping build trails, and keeping the sport cool.

- Erik and Alec
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So, what is it? Location? The course? Lets hear it.

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Yep, Boulder is a great

Yep, Boulder is a great place to live, ride and race! Boulder County has more racers and races then just about anywhere else in the Country.

*Look at National results. Lots of Boulder County racers making the trip.

Off for a ride. Hum which route to do? There are some many options...

I guess you won't be on a

I guess you won't be on a mountain bike then 'cause we all know Boulder County sucks for that--are mountain bikes even allowed in the city. Arguably the 'Springs is a great place to train on the road as well--just different from what's up in the Republic of Boulder.

Lazy? You are ridiculous. At

Lazy? You are ridiculous. At Deer Trail the SM 35+ 4 was filled for weeks and even required the organizer to create a spill-over slot for 4's.The town of Deer Trail is 1 1/2 hours from Boulder, and an hour from Denver. I got up at 5AM on a weekend to prepare and get there on time with adequate warm-up. The race was even a makeup date, so you would think people would have cancelled in droves, they didn't. Explain it! Also, lot of these guys have children, 40 hour a week jobs, etc.

As for Dead Dog. It's a killer race but gas to Laramie and back $30, hotel in Laramie $100 and the registration fee was $95 I think. I have to believe that people are cutting back in this economy. It is as simple as that. However, I do believe some categories did fill. Are the race organizers of the Pueblo Crit so arrogant to think that their event would fill up in it's first run? No disrespect, but it's freaking Pueblo. Not exactly a place I could talk my wife and kids into tagging along on weekend. And then they complained and berated racers on the ACA forum, poor form. How about asking "what can we do to make the race more appealing?"

Calling racers lazy is like Apple calling people stupid for not buying the I-Pad.

Lazy? Dead Dog reply

Comment taken about Deer trail. But as you pointed out, it was an hour drive.
But look how many fewer people were at Hugo and it was just 40 minutes further drive (but also a much appreciated later start time). As for cost, I really can't believe that is a major factor. How many thousands of dollars do racers have poured into equipement???? Spending a few extra bucks to actually race all that equipement is a small addition.

Obviously the time commitment for Dead Dog is a fair bit. I think Denver/Boulder racers are spoiled and a bit lazy in terms of time commitment with driving since there are so many crits to do around Denver.
How many good stage races do we have in Colorado? Not many. And i can't think of any that are true time based stage races versus omniums and point based.
The Dead Dog is a phenominal race that has excellent promotion. It has great courses with something for everyone. It deserves our support (and I had to drive an extra hour coming from Col Springs!)

Speical Anonymous Prize

(and I had to drive an extra hour coming from Col Springs!)
Oh good for you Anonymous. We'll give you a special Anonymous prize.

50 Boulder Racers - Population 95,000
39 from Denver - 550,000
9 from Colorado Springs - 360,000

Maybe you should focus on getting more people racering from your town. Should easily have as many as Boulder with your population being almost 4 times as large.


I am sorry, why the sacarism pointed at me? I was at the race.
I think we need to support the great races around here, and not just the plethera of crits in the Denver area (but i am biased, I am not a crit rider).
I am curious as to how many Colorado riders made the 10 hour drive to the Tour of the Gila, but not the 3 hour drive to Laramie (I would bet a fair number).

I am glad that Boulder had a good percentage turnout at the race. But I think that there are more than 50 bike racers in Boulder, and a lot more than 39 in Denver.

I am not sure why you took insult to my post. There are plenty of good reasons that people couldn't make the race, it is a good sized time commitment. And i did try to talk my teammates in COS and Denver to go.

I really like the Dead Dog, and I wish more riders made the drive to support it, that is all. It is a great race that has been going since the 70s, it has great support from the town and I think it deserves more support than it received.


Mike your first post made

Mike your first post made perfect sense and was well put. The guy who replied made no sense. He must have enjoyed not having to put his name on it.

I agree with you that dd is a good event and it is too bad more people do not go.

It is comedy when racers complain about gas money. Join a team and car pool. I am sure the guy had carbon wheels and that is why he could not afford gas.


Thanks, I didn't think i was saying anything that controversial.

It is very interesting to note the drop in racer numbers once a race is more than an hour away from Denver, look at Hugo, Pueblo crit, Dead dog versus the 20+ crits in Denver or the hill climbs.

I didn't "complain" about

I didn't "complain" about gas money, I simply explained that various costs added to together might have been a barrier for some given economical concerns. Do you think the recession is comical? This is what you said. Why would you assume I have carbon wheels? You are projecting.

Calling people lazy for not attending a race is lazy. The fact that DD is such a great race and still had low turn out says something about the complexity of this issue.

Pueblo promoters, focus your frustration at local racers. It is not realistic to expect others to travel 2 plus hours for races just to "support" your race - even though you do this. Take a lesson from the FRMBR promoters, they didn't get the turnout they wanted and also didn't point any fingers. I was upset the races were cancelled given they were really cool, but I don't think anyone (promoters and racers) are to blame.