Wheat Ridge “Lightweight” flying for Gold at London’s BMX Olympics

Watch BMX preliminary today and the finals on the 10th

Local boy David Herman is the number one rider on the USA BMX Team competing at the London Olympics – aiming for the Gold Medal as he leads the US squad of five against 43 other male and female contenders from 22 countries between August 8th -10th.

More popular than ever after its 2008 debut in Beijing, the BMX racing discipline is returning to the Olympic Games this year with Dave Herman (24) of Wheat Ridge, CO, at the helm of the USA Team. Sole automatic qualifier for the USA men’s side after taking fifth at the UCI BMX World Championships in May, Herman placed even ahead of Maris Strombergs – the world’s first BMX Olympic Gold Medalist.

This victory has made David “The Hermanator” Herman the top-ranked male athlete in USA Cycling’s BMX Power Rankings. “Dave’s a really great athlete. With his shy, modest way of training hard and taking victory in his stride, he’s an absolute bonus for our team,” describes Free Agent-Rock Star manager Dale Holmes. “I signed him up while scouting for Olympic talent last year – and I really hit the jackpot!” USA’s best hope, he is one of Free Agent-Rockstar’s most valued riders, and top of the elite Senso New Heroes Team for Velo Saddles. 

Before mounting the podium the BMX world championships in Birmingham in May, the USA Cycling athlete finished 3rd in the first World Cup of the season in California and 3rd in the World Cup race in the Netherlands. "My confidence is high," says Dave, grinning his shy but contagious smile. “I’m not just out to ride the Olympics, I’m off to win a medal!” With his mere 155 lbs., he is small by BMX standards. But what he may lack in momentum landing on the backside of a jump, he makes up with being fast at the start – where many BMX races have been decided. His saddle, he says, is an advantage – allowing him that extra flexibility with practically zero weight.

The new darling of the US BMX racing scene, Dave can pick and choose what he cares to ride and the equipment he prefers to use. He’s happy to divulge his secrets: “My saddle is one of the lightest you can get, the Senso VL 1200 BMX Carbon from Velo. He especially likes the saddle’s fast design, which complements the dynamics of his bike, the Free Agent Limo. “I ride this because it’s the best BMX bike on the market, with unique tubing – unlike any other bike I’ve ridden."

Dave got his start racing BMX at the age of seven, dreaming that his BMX bike was motor cross. But ever since his brother took him out to the Arvada track when he was eight, BMX has been his life. Long term, he’s looking forward to going back to college and becoming a physical therapist. What’s his advice to aspiring new BMX riders? “Get out on the track. Colorado has some of the best bike parks and competitions in the country. Above all, enjoy it. Have fun. And never forget why you started – for the love of it!!”

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Herman does not make the Olympic finals

From USA Cycling:

Men’s Semifinal
After successfully making it through Thursday’s quarterfinals, Fields and David Herman (Wheat Ridge, Colo./Free Agent-Rockstar) were seeded separately for the semifinal round. Riding in heat one, Fields survived an early crash that took down about half the field in turn one to finish fourth in the first run. Fields then proceeded to win the next two runs, qualifying for the finals first in his heat with six points.

In heat two, Herman got off to a good start by placing third. However, a sixth-place finish in the second run and then sixth again in the third run after getting stuck behind a crash on the second straight left him just shy of a coveted spot in the finals. He ultimately finished fifth in his heat and did not advance.

“To not execute, that kind of puts a damper on my Olympic experience. But I can always say I’m an Olympian, so I’m proud of that,” said Herman following the semifinals.