Cyclocross. It’s For All of Us. Even You.

Photo: Kristen Weber,
Courtesy of Terri Smith

I have a lot of friends (according to Facebook) and I’m married to someone who fully supports my cycling habit (addiction) but who can’t use a few more friends who want to ride bikes? That’s right. No one. So here’s what I think—join a team. Come on. You know you’re 'cross curious'.

I got turned onto the sport by a two hour clinic with Kristin Weber, a cyclocross ambassador for Boulder Cycle Sport. I was curious, yet mildly intimidated. So I took it one step at a time. And was met with a generous teacher and a great bunch of people. When my husband picked me up he said with a smile on his face, “Oh, no. You look happy.” This past year I've learned that I just like to ride anything with two wheels. And rather than shut an opportunity out just because it’s not mountain biking I’m going to grab every chance I get to ride my bike.

Cyclocross appeals to the kid in us that used to ride their bike all day until their mom called them in for dinner at dark. It appeals to the kid in us who liked to get dirty, play in the mud, jump in the puddles and take chances. Cyclocross is for anyone who wants to do it. No pedigree necessary. No past racing history needed. ANYONE who wants to see what they are made of and who wants to meet other cool people who just like to ride bikes is invited to join the movement that isn’t just here, it’s been here and it’s waiting for you to join.

If you're not sure where to start, start on Monday with ME! Boulder Cycle Sport continues to prove itself as our neighborhood bike store. They are HUGE supporters of the cyclocross community and there’s an invitation out there for an informational meeting this coming Monday.

Cheri Felix, feeling cx-tastic.

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