Cyclocross Strength and Stretching Clinic

Any one who has competed in this first month of cyclocross season is probably feeling the affects. A little stretching and strengthening would be good for all of us. Ann Trombley will be hosting a clinic this Wednesday, October 20th. We asked her a few questions about the clinic.

[303Cycling] Give us the basics
When: Wed Oct 20th at 6:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.
Where: Fascat Performance Cycling Center 4550 Broadway unit C-3B
How Much: It is FREE!

[303Cycling] Are there any requirements to participate?
[Ann] Yes, you must be prepared to be active or perform stretching and strengthening activities, provided you don't have any serious injuries. So, wear clothes that you can work out in.

[303Cycling] Will you be offering on-going strength and stretching clases?
[Ann] If there is an interest, I would definitely be willing to do more stretching and strengthening classes.

[303Cycling] Is this cyclocross specific or for all forms of cycling?
[Ann] This will be geared towards cyclocross but only because cross tends to flare up or expose people's muscle imbalances. The exercises and stretches we will be doing will help ALL cyclists and athletes in general to be stronger and more supported/solid for their sport.

Cyclocross is such a one-sided sport. We step off the bike on one foot and carry the bike on one side. That tends to not only create weaknesses, it can jolt the muscles, tendon and bone structure causing sprains, strains and skeletal torsion. If the athlete comes in to the season with a stronger core and pelvic girdle as well as knee and ankle strength, they will not only be faster but have less injuries. Then, following that up with a stretching routine will ensure your body has equal flexibility, or as close as possible.

[303Cycling] Anything else?
[Ann] I want this to be more interactive and everyone will come away with a stretching and strengthening program they can perform on their own.

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