Cyclists at fault for several auto vs. bike crashes

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DENVER - Contrary to popular belief, drivers are not always at fault when it comes to cyclist vs. auto accidents. Cyclists have been issued 264 tickets so far in 2014 for ignoring the rules of the road, according to Denver Police.

Denver Police say there were 330 accidents involving bicycles in 2013. So far, there have been 113 cyclist vs. auto accidents in 2014.

June is "Heads Up" month in Denver. "Heads Up" is a city-wide safety-awareness campaign asking drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists to keep their heads up and be more aware of their surroundings.

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Agree that cyclists need to

Agree that cyclists need to take the high road when it comes to obeying traffic laws and exercising common courtesy; however, the headline and premise of the story conveniently overlooks the many infractions reported by cyclists that go ignored by law enforcement. Message is a great one, just should have been packaged better by the media.

What about crosswalks?

I see bicyclists using crosswalks to cross intersections all the time. Is this legal? It certainly would not be legal in a car. This often leads to dangerous situations because drivers are not used to pedestrians (i.e. bikes) which move so quickly.

It's legal

Bikes are allowed to use crosswalks but are required to slow to a pedestrian pace, defined as (I belive) 8mph. So the cyclists that are going through quickly are still breaking the law but those who slow down are legal.

Not true!

The statement "If you can't do it in your car, then you can't do it on your bike" is logically equivalent to "If you can do it on your bike, then you can do it in your car"! It's the contrapositive ... It leaves open the possibility that there are things you can do in your car that are not allowed on a bike! But not the other way around!