Cyclist Participating in Boulder Time Trial Series Hit by Car

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*** UPDATED 7/15/2010 ***
The Boulder cyclist who was hit by a car while participating in the Boulder Time Trial Series on Wednesday night has been identified as Ryan Welsh, 25. He was taken to St. Anthony's Central Hospital in Denver with serious injuries and was listed in serious but stable condition this morning, a hospital official said.

Cyclist participating in Boulder Time Trial Series hit by car

By Laura Snider, Camera Staff Writer
Posted: 07/14/2010 06:13:38 PM MDT

A cyclist participating in the Boulder Time Trial Series on Wednesday night was airlifted to St. Anthony Central Hospital in Denver with serious injuries after being hit by a car, according to the Colorado State Patrol.

Erin Bishop, 28, of Boulder, was driving her silver Saturn north on U.S. 36 when she turned left onto Lefthand Canyon Drive shortly after 6 p.m., hitting the cyclist, who was headed south on U.S. 36 as part of the bike race, according to Trooper Heather Cobler.

U.S. 36 was closed briefly to allow a helicopter to land on the road, according to Boulder County dispatch.

The name of the cyclist, who is a male in his early 20s, has not yet been released. Bishop was cited with careless driving causing bodily injury, according to the state patrol.

A spokesperson for the state patrol initially reported that the victim in the accident was riding a motorcycle. No other information about the wreck is available at this time.

The Boulder Time Trial Series is a weekly race that runs from Lyons to Boulder along U.S. 36 on Wednesday evenings during the summer.

"We've done it for five years, and this is the first time that anything like this has happened," said race organizer Clark Sheehan.

U.S. 36 is not closed during the race, but police officers and emergency medical personnel are scattered along the course.

"There was the Colorado State Patrol and an EMT and an ambulance at that exact interstection," Sheehan said, "They are stationed there every week."

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I was also racing. First, I

I was also racing. First, I heard an emergency vehicle behind me on 36, but it never passed, I don't know why.

I got Left Hand Canyon and saw a group of cyclists, who I didn't see wearing numbers(for the race), around another cyclist on a stretcher on the ground in the middle of the very end of Left Hand Canyon Road, along with an emergency vehicle and a police car I believe. Further down the road, an ambulance and police car came separately from Boulder.

I find this strange, because for the first 4 weeks at least, there was a police officer at that corner, watching things. They were still there this week as far as I can tell, but a cyclist was still hit. This is very sad, and I hope they are going to be okay.

this is just sickening

What is the point of the organizer paying for traffic control if they aren't going to do it? Every time I have done the race, the officer stationed there has been physically out of the car and holding traffic so this didn't happen - sounds like the officer really dropped the ball last night.

Ridiculous if there was not Traffic Control

I think there needs to be a strong inquiry to find out if the "job duties" for the state patroller are to actually get out there and direct traffic at that intersection (obviously it should be). Anyone who knows that intersection understands that it is imperative to have real traffic direction during a bike race (NOT merely a parked cop car).

If law enforcement is only there to be parked and "have a police presence" at the intersection, they need to re-evaluate what they are doing there.

If their duty IS to direct traffic, and this cop was sitting in his car, that cop should be facing some huge consequences.

Ridiculous if there was not traffic control.

Positive thoughts going out the the rider.

No Traffic Control When This Happened-I was there!

Andy is absolutely correct in my opinion! I was a few feet away from this horrific accident when it happened and the first thing through my mind and out of my mouth as I ran over to this victim was HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN IN A CONTROLLED INTERSECTION???!!! This could have been me! I was on my bike and waiting to turn north onto 36 to ride to the start. I park just up Left Hand Canyon every Wed to participate in the race series and I always see the State Patrol vehicle with flashing lights parked in the intersection and an officer is always out in the street directing traffic vigilantly at this very busy and complex intersection. EXCEPT NOT LAST NIGHT! The vehicle had active flashers but was an unmarked car and an officer was conspicuously absent. In fact, it was several seconds after the rider plowed into the car that had turned in front of him that the officer actually got out of the car and came over. One of the bystanders yelled to him to call 911. The officer then answered that he was calling a chopper as well. When I got to the start I vented my outrage to the race personnel that if they are paying top dollar for patrol to secure the course then they should be doing that! We have to trust that as we fly through that intersection at 40mph we are safe! I'm glad there is only one race left in this series because I will be racing in holy terror for my life as I approach that site. I hope to god that young man will be OK and I also hope there is an investigation. In my opinion there were two crimes committed there-a driver who was negligent who severely injured someone and the officer who allowed it!

There better be...

There better be an investigation. If traffic was not being directed by someone who was there TO DIRECT TRAFFIC, that's a huge responsibility that wasn't met by law enforcement.

I notice the driver was ticketed immediately, which is fine. However, it would be easy to asign 100% blame to the driver and ignore the fact that traffic direction was questionable(if present).... I'm hoping this doesn't get swept under the rug.

Erin Bishop, 28,

Erin Bishop, 28, Boulder.....that rang a bell......She volunteered herself and her husband as course marshalls for the North Boulder Park Crit on Saturday - then didn't turn up. No notice, no apology, no nothing. Turning up to course marshal obviousy wasn't that important, I mean what do you need course marshals for? After a frantic search we were fortunate enough to have some great cyclists who'd already ridden step up to the plate. Thank you Max and Jamie.

oh, puhleeze

Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps Mrs. Bishop was a bit traumatized by the accident? If she and her husband had volunteered to help at the race, they're probably cyclists, too. I don't know about you, but if I were to hit someone w/ my car I'd be devastated. I'm not making excuses for the accident (key word: ACCIDENT), but for crying out loud, she's probably in therapy. Maybe you should be, too.

Besides, would you want to show up to what could turn into a lynch mob?

My TT started at 5:40pm

When I went by that turn onto Lefthand Canyon, the cop gets out of his car to direct traffic. I have seen them hangout in the car waiting and not actually have a physical presence on that turn. So anybody in a car could easily get the jump on them. This is sad indeed and it pisses me off too. People really need to take more responsibility when they drive their cars. Careless driving is not a good excuse.