Cyclist injures woman during Wash Park Collision

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Are you speeding at Wash Park? See Strava

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So not Euro for this Bikepathalete

There are some potential violations to "THE OFFICIAL EURO CYCLIST CODE OF CONDUCT" It's obvious that this guy was definitely not Eurocool enough to be on a disc in a park. There is no specific rule against yellow.

9. One’s bike frame shall contain between two (2) and four (4) colours IN ADDITION TO WHITE. All colours are acceptable as long as they combine tastefully and elegantly. In addition, wheel selection must also match frame and fork.

I believe that it is implied that when something like this occurs, the Euro will take the advantage to introduce himself and invite the female victim out for some Pelligrino or an espresso. Whether or not she is married is moot. What Would Mario Do?

Pretty sad that she only reports a yellow disc but not "he was so ridiculously stylish and there was something sort of homoerotic about him, I would love to maybe meet him again in a different circumstance."

I've seen fixed gear hipsters

I've seen fixed gear hipsters with pastel colored disks doing some pretty rad skids at Wash park. Maybe you've seen these rider types too...they will be riding along and then suddenly for no reason, lock the back wheel and shimmy all over the place.

Some people do ride way too fast for the conditions at Wash park, but I've been going there for years and I've never seen somebody riding a disk wheel that wasn't on a BMX or brakeless fixed gear bike.

In my experience, there are far more irresponsible pedestrians and skaters than cyclists - e.g. going the wrong way, swerving all over the place, running into the road without looking, etc.

No excuse for leaving the scene of an accident, however.