Cyclist Pack on two-lane Marksheffel Road

This video was sent to us by one of our readers. I will let the video do the talking.

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Cyclist Pack on two-lane Marksheffel Road

These are the cyclist that risk my life and don't even realize it. I ride solo mostly but occasionally ride with friends. We ride shoulder to shoulder when and where we can. Wide shoulders or singling up when cars approach. I have nearly been hit head 3 times. All caused by packs like this. Driver veers to go all the way around the pack and doesn't notice me coming towards them.

Respect others and yourself. Ride safely and courteously.

Cyclist Pack on two-lane Marksheffel Road

This man is breaking the law as an aggressive driver. He nearly kills people several times. As he passes. As he tapes out the back there is a cyclist ahead. And finally just as the video stops there is a slow moving vehicle ahead that he probably nearly rear-ends. That large vehicle was probably the reason for the back up as he could not pass easily. And really they were costing him 30 seconds or maybe a minute on a Saturday(?). Is that worth knowing you killed someone for the rest of your life?

Just the facts, Jack

Sorry, but the cyclists' actions weren't illegal, or even I'll-advised. Riding two abreast unless it impedes reasonable traffic flow. In that situation, the major impediment to traffic was the large truck that was delayed slightly as it waited to safely pass, IOW the 3 ft law. If those cyclists had been single file, as you suggest, the line of cyclists would have been twice as long, which would've made it even more difficult for the truck to pass. Without that truck in the scenario, any one of those cars could've passed with relative ease. Moreover, the real culprit was the self-righteous "distracted" driver who captured himself on video breaking numerous laws. Given that he's been identified, perhaps the local authorities should pay him a visit.

So the guy in the large truck

So the guy in the large truck is not normal traffic? They were impeding traffic. They continued to impede traffic. I ride 120 miles a week myself and these idiots were the original idiots. The overreaction by the driver was wrong. Also cross the double yellow line is allowed in the same laws. So you admit any way you look at it the cyclists are being rude, inconsiderate, and breaking the law. Not only an inconvenience for the other vehicles (large truck included) but it forces people into dangerous driving to pass them.

If you want to ride in a pack, enter a race.

I admit no such thing. I

I admit no such thing. I believe, quite firmly, that in such a situation everyone involved was safer by the cyclists riding two abreast. The comments about crossing the center line had nothing to do with whether it was yellow or not. The critical advice for any cyclist, or group of cyclists, is to NOT ride so far to the right as to encourage a driver to try to pass them without crossing the center line at all. In all but the rarest of exceptions, there just isn't enough room to give the required 3 feet while passing within the lane. But, of course you realize that, given how you ride 120 miles a week.

Interesting. Looks like the video has been removed

The video has disappeared from the Westward blog as well.

Let's just say, the driver shooting video while ripping down the road passing other cars and eventually the cyclists was less than cordial, nor legal, while complaining about the "pack of cyclists" riding on the road.

My first thought when I see complaints about something like this anymore, since I grew up on a ranch, is: How do people react when a tractor is going along slowly on a road in the same traffic situation?