Cyclist Pack on two-lane Marksheffel Road

This video was sent to us by one of our readers. I will let the video do the talking.

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Here's the dilemma: two

Here's the dilemma: two abreast IS the safer option, but to most drivers who don't know why, it just angers them. On a road like that, you cannot pass a group of cyclists, whether single or double file, giving the required three feet, without crossing the center line. Once you cross the line, it shouldn't matter to you if you're one foot over or five feet over. BUT, a single file line will be twice as long as a double file line, making it harder, not easier, to pass the group of cyclists.

For a driver who follows the three foot law, two abreast is a better situation.

From the author of the video

I would like to apologize to the cycling community of Colorado for the video that was posted by Westword on Monday.

While the cyclists in question were clearly breaking state law by riding in a pack instead of single file, that does not excuse my commentary or actions. I intended the video to demonstrate the attitudes and indifference of cyclists, but was more successful in showcasing my own frustrations.

I will be examining myself as a result of this incident. Perhaps the cyclists who engage in the behavior shown in the video will be able to overlook my comments and consider their own behavior as well. Hey - maybe we can go for a ride together sometime. Or a run.


Nice apology?? The entire

Nice apology?? The entire second paragraph tries to redirect the blame back on the cyclists. A real apology wouldn't do that. That's as bad as a faux apology, "I'm sorry if you were offended by my comments". IOW, it like someone saying "I'm not sorry about what was said, I'm sorry you're so sensitive".

A nice apology would be "I'm sorry for my outburst and for endangering you by my actions". Full responsibility.