Cyclist Pack on two-lane Marksheffel Road

This video was sent to us by one of our readers. I will let the video do the talking.

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The tractor cannot shrink

The tractor cannot shrink itself up to occupy less than 3 ft of road space. It is on the road because that is the way it has to go to get where it is going (not for recreation) often the tractor drivers will go out of their way to find less travelled roads and will pull over when traffic backs up behind them.

I'm talking about the

I'm talking about the visceral reactions of drivers about having to slow down or wait for an opportunity to pass. Not necessarily the legitimacy of road use by either cyclists or tractors, which shouldn't need to be a factor.

More along the lines of the perception and reaction based on individual's previous experiences, as is the case here with his screaming about "hating" and saying things like "this is why people hate cyclists."

Actually, if he is also

Actually, if he is also displaying this kind of behavior at work, it would be grounds for dismissal in Colorado. Also, good luck landing that next job with this on the internet. Most employers will now do a good search to see what is posted by or about you on the 'net.

Was this road a good choice for a group ride?

I don't know the Colorado Springs are that well but was that road the best choice for a group ride?

Also, where is the county provided 2-3 foot shoulder? Maybe there are good alternatives in El Paso county that are better than this one. Why I don't live in El Paso County!

Thanks Boulder County for providing cyclists with so many safe options. Imagine what cycling would be like in Boulder if our roads did not have shoulders like the ones in this video. Nothing but hate and anger from drivers.

while the rage coming this

while the rage coming this this little man is concerning, especially regarding the solo cyclist, there is a valid point in the video.

even if we cyclists are "entitled" to ride 2-abreast in this situation, it is still not the best choice. I've been frustrated participating in group rides like this where people think that unless cars are stopped, they can should continue to ride two abreast.

I think by switching over to single file, especially given the duration of time that cars are following, shows the drivers that you are aware of their presence and are showing them an equal amount of respect. You acknowledge and thank them for waiting for you and they in turn thank you for acknowledging them and giving them a safe means of passing. I don't understand why this is so difficult for cyclists to grasp.

everyone is so caught up in what they are "entitled" to do that what they "should" do seems to get lost.