Cycling Survey - Hand Numbness

This is a research study asking some basic questions about your cycling and any hand numbness you may or may not feel while riding. We want as many cyclists to take the survey, whether or not you experience any hand numbness. We are looking for all cyclists of all disciplines including road, triathlete, mountain, track, cross, whether racers or recreational that are 18 years of age or older. There are a few studies out there in the literature about ulnar sided hand numbness in cyclists (Pinky and ring fingers) but very few about median nerve symptoms like what you would experience with carpal tunnel syndrome (thumb, index, middle).

This study is designed to look at how many of us cyclists have these symptoms, and what has been done about it. I also want to know if and how it has affected your riding. This data will be used to try to draw conclusions that can be used to educate primary care physicians as well as hand surgeons about cyclists' issues and how their treatment may need to be different from the general population. Your participation is greatly appreciated and completely anonymous. We will plan to publish the results in a major medical journal this summer and will keep the Colorado cycling community updated about the publication.


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