Curve Inc. and the Pandana

You know you can feel it. The mornings are finally getting cooler. Cyclocross kicked off a couple weekends ago. For some of us gloves are now needed for the morning ride or commute. Its becoming perfect weather for a Pandana. This clothing item is perfect for cooler weather and for downright cold weather.

What is a Pandana? According to Curve, the designers of the Pandana, it is Seamless stretch headwear, great for nearly any activity!  Versatile, lightweight, and stylish, it's easy to keep in a pocket or bag until you need it. Pandanas can be a Neckerchief, Neck Gator, Cravat, Scarf, Foulard, Headband, Hairband, Facemask, Earwarmer, Balaclava, Hat, Wristband, Ascot, or Bandana.

To tell you the truth I have never been a fan of what we called the “neck gator.” It was probably because the early incarnations were bulky and not that soft. The Pandana has converted me. I have only worn it a few times but I am sold. It is amazing how warm this small light weight piece of clothing keeps you and when it gets warm it can be easily taken off and stowed in your jersey pocket. Buy a Pandana Online.

Road Cycling with Pandana from Curve Pandana on Vimeo.

Photo Credits: Curve Inc.

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