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Update: Did this interview almost 4 years ago. Since its almost Thanksgiving and they just opened Cured West we thought we would share the interview again.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, 303Cycling caught up with Will Frischkorn and Coral Ferguson, the proprietors of Cured. Their new shop offers a hand picked selection of cheeses, cured meats, table wines and other unique grocery items. Always a team effort, Coral mined the store while Will answered questions about great food, great cycling and making the most of huge life changes. 

[303Cycling] There must come a point in every professional cyclists career when he has to think about life after cycling.  When did this happen for you and what did you envision for yourself?
[Will] Cycling was an amazing lifestyle and I was lucky to be able to pursue it full time since the age of 18, but there comes that time when a change is a good thing.  In the middle of 2009 I realized I was ready for something new.  And that for a guy who worked hard, suffered, and managed to have reasonable success with average talent, I had achieved all I wanted to do in the sport and was ready for new challenges.  Coral and I had wanted to do something together in the world of food and after a bit of idea refinement, we created what eventually became Cured.

[303Cycling] During your time in Europe did you develop a taste for the great wines, cheeses and meats?  How did you manage your passion and pro cyclists diet?
[Will] From before I can remember, good food has always been an integral part of my life.  Living in Europe was a fantastic opportunity to not only experience great food at its point of inspiration, but to see the way that most Europeans relate to food because it's something very different than here in the States.  I saw balance. The understanding that with moderation you can enjoy anything.  Seeing how food is more a part of the social experience rather than just sustenance was a great eye opener.  As a cyclist you're certainly required to be aware of what you eat, but all of the things I love in food and wine are part of a healthy diet and one that supports the needs of a body.  While racing, I'd rarely have more than a glass of wine, but even during the Tour de France a bottle of wine and a block of cheese are normal parts of the table.

[303Cycling] How did you and Coral come up with the concept for Cured?
[Will] We knew we wanted to create something together in the world of food and back at home in Boulder.  After a bit of scheming we realized that a shop that consisted of, largely, what we enjoyed on a daily basis, filled a niche here in town.  As well as the product, we wanted to bring something small, personal, and with a focus on education to Boulder where, while we have great options for good food, they're all on a larger scale.

Will Frischkorn - 2008 TdF After Stage 3 (photo credit unknown)

[303Cycling] I think our readers would like to hear about some of the best places in the United States for MTB'kng and great wine/cheese/meat.
[Will] After moving back, we had a blast traveling the country with our car far to heavily loaded with mountain bikes, camping gear, and samples from farms all around the country...  Putting a best is hard, but we found amazing trails all around Vermont, in the Blue Mound State Park just west of Madison, Wisconsin, and all the way to the west coast, insane freeride parks just east of Seattle. All of these places are within minutes of some of the coolest cheese makers in the country.  It was fun to find a very real tie between two wheels on a bike and some killer wheels of cheese.

[303Cycling] What advice would you give someone looking to make a big career change like both you and Coral have?
[Will] Plan on taking more time, spending more money than planned, and investing yourself deeply in the project.  Then, amongst all the craziness, somehow remember to make time daily to fit in some sort of escape.  Ours is the daily exercise we both need. Being able to sneak out for an hour run in the morning or a few hours on the bike from time to time makes a huge difference in keeping the head clear and focus where it needs to be.

[303Cycling] Finally, is there anything else our readers should know about Cured and it's owners?
[Will] Come on down and grab some grub.  There is no better way to recover from a hard ride than a chunk of good cheese in one hand and bomber of
beer in the other.

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