USADA is coming to Colorado Racing

It was announced at the Local Associations of USAC meeting last weekend that USADA is developing a testing program that will provide education and testing resources of athletes at the amateur level of cycling and that program will be coming to Colorado in 2013. The program was piloted in the Florida area already where apparent drug usage was high and so high that some could say that Florida is leading the effort to clean up amateur racing by creating their own Florida Clean Ride Fund. But even so, tempers are still high as earlier in September a race director in Florida refused WADA access to riders

When WADA drug testers showed up unannounced at the 2012-13 Florida State Championship Series last weekend, race promoter Dave Bergen refused to allow the technicians to collect samples because “he had no prior warning or notification” and he had “never seen dope testing conducted” for a local amateur event.

USADA will be showing up to at least one high profile race in 2013 according to Chris McGee. While Colorado may not be apparently as bad as Florida it has had it share of suspensions and one high profile suspension of Chuck Coyle ends this month.

Here is more information on the matter from the ACA webpage on the matter

We had the opportunity to meet with USADA's Andrew Morrison, Sport Testing and Resources Director, last weekend at the USA Cycling Local Association Summit in Colorado Springs. Our conversation focused on how to both educate our athletes, and how to best provide testing and deterrents to ensure that our athletes are competing on a clean, fair playing field. It is important to note that ALL athletes at USAC events are subject to both in- and out- of competition testing by USADA.


USAC is building a Local Association Anti-Doping Program, which will coordinate efforts, help target testing by USADA, and provide funding for LAs to bring USADA presence to local events. At this time, cycling is the only Olympic sport in the USA that is working on this sort of program.

It is important to point out that this is made possible by the ACA and their new relationship with USAC

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Glad to see it!

I am really glad to see this coming to races near us. I hope the dopers will shy away from using drugs to win races. There will certainly be challenges for the lower categories, and hopefully USAC and our local association will be able to help with those challenges. I believe the pro level is so infested with doping that I chose not to invest my energy in hoping for change there. However I want to participate in a clean sport at the level that I race at. So I will help with the challenges that may come so we can race on a level playing field.

They are going to crack

They are going to crack down?

Haven't we heard this for 3,4, 6, 8 years? Seems like forever. Its just like when they investigated the Rock racing guy, 2-3 questions about him and then they start asking about Lance. Oh wait, they have Lance now (BUT NOT DUE TO DRUG TESTING) so they can finally turn their attention to others?

Who is going to pay for testing?

$4000 a race to get USADA to come test. 7 or 8 riders.
Do the racers pay? promoter? +10 a racer at most races
USAC? - good use of the $60 license fee.
BRAC? - They still made $35K after going back to USAC this year and now have $300,000 in the bank. What else are they going to do with the money?

I'm all for testing for the

I'm all for testing for the real PEDs (ie EPO). But the testing for all the other crap that doesn't do squat but could get you either in trouble at work or ostracized by the local cycling community is somewhat of a concern.

Also I know it's possible to podium (and occasionally win) in master's 1/2 races completely clean (and sometimes slightly hungover) so if there is widespread doping going on in the masters races, you guys need to get better stuff.

Chain of events

Ok, so now I need to train harder so I can race faster so I can win a few races so I will become a suspected cheat so I will get tested so that I can pass said tests and prove that I am not one of those "at least 1 or 2 guys you have to wonder about".

Whew! Look at the bright side, if we ALL did this, the level of racing in the amatuer ranks where we are subject to testing should go up, right? I figure the day I'm asked to take a drug test is the day I have finally made it no matter how level the playing field is. BRING IT!