Colorado still Bike Friendly

From the DailyCamera no Sunday

Cyclists are banned from Black Hawk. Mounting problems between drivers and riders at Colorado National Monument have park officials considering restrictions. In Durango, a push is on to make all Colorado cyclists pay registration fees. Arguments over the new "3-foot rule" are popping up across the state.

It appears that Colorado is in a cycle of ill will toward the 1.2 million adult riders who now pedal the state`s roads.

New laws designed to make cycling safer seem to have exacerbated problems. So has the bike/vehicle crowding on mountain roads as more knee-challenged baby boomers hang up their skis and turn to bicycles. To top it off, Black Hawk`s attention-grabbing bicycle ban -- the only one by a municipality in the country -- has put a much-publicized, far-reaching, negative spin on Coloradocycling.

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