The High School Mountain Bike Racing is exploding in Colorado

If David Towle had attended today's Colorado High School Race #2 at Snow Mountain Ranch in Tabernash he'd say, "Call the CDC, looks like we have an epidemic of bike racing today!" High School Mountain bike racing has clearly become contagious in Colorado as they have had over 100% growth from the year before and some schools like Fairview High in Boulder went from having 4 coaches and 2 racers in 2010 to 6 coaches and 16 racers in 2011!

Thanks to Kate Rau's influential personality I went to the race, honestly, somewhat reluctantly since that meant ditching on Frisco Cyclocross race but since I it was just down the road from Winter Park I really had no excuse. Expecting a handful of racers I was QUICKLY surprised by the crowds as I entered the race area. There were racers everywhere and to top it off there were spectators, lots of spectators!

From a spectators point of view this race was as big as any big cycling event put on in Colorado like Denver City Park Criterium, Koppenberg or even Boulder Cup! Unlike many races where you show up, kit up, race and leave here the kids and families are there nearly all day either racing or cheering on the racers.... and not just their teams but everyone. Simply put, the racing community could learn a lot from how these teams operate and how the race obtains such a high spectators to racer ratio.

One of the big upsets of the day came from one of the Boulder squads with a first time varsity racer on the Boulder Fairview squad killing it in the girls field beating out the Boulder High team who were the winners from last week's race. Asked how the race went she said it was hard racing but she knew who she had to beat, stayed focused on those racers. In the end it didn’t matter because she was the one they were watching but only for awhile as she had apparent won the field by over 3 minutes. Did I mention she is a freshman?

Overall it was a wonderful day of racing under truly picture perfect conditions, results can be found on on their website and some photos . Special thanks to Wheat Ridge Cyclery who were out there providing neutral support to the riders (something you don’t always see at races) and of course thanks to all the kids and parents who made the choice to a healthy and fun competitive activity of mountain bike racing! See you all Oct 16 race #3!

- ColoradoMTB

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Amazing job by Kate and the whole Colorado High School League - the ACA is a huge fan of your work to get more kids attracted to the sport! Please know that we honor the NICA licenses, and we can't wait to host your kids (who race free in our junior categories) at our cross races after your series is complete. Thank you for all your efforts!

Not trying to steal Ksenia's

Not trying to steal Ksenia's thunder, but there is a whole other story that has not been told here. I spent the summer riding bikes with both Ksenia and Dominique and they are both incredibly fast. Ksenia has been riding for a sizable amount of time and been racing for 4(?) years now. Dominique had her first ride on a mountain bike LAST YEAR. It was Dominique's second race in varsity and fourteenth of her career. And sorry to be a pain but there's a mistake with the time between the finishes of Ksenia and Dominique, it was a difference of 2:06 seconds, not a whole three minutes.

High School MTB looking for volunteers!!

Dear Colorado League Family & Friends,

The 2011 Colorado High School Cycling League race series moves down to Elbert for race #3 at the Peaceful Valley Invitational.

This series could not be pulled off without the hard work and dedication of our incredible volunteers. There are plenty of opportunities to join us and lend a helping hand throughout the season.

Join us October 15 - 16 in Elbert for the Peaceful Valley Invitational. Your assistance is needed and would be greatly appreciated. There is no way we could host events to this scale and caliber without you there to assist in providing a high quality, safe racing experience. There are many positions to be filled...definitely something for everybody.

Please go here for a complete listing of positions and to sign up. Volunteer positions are available on both Saturday and Sunday of every race weekend.
Go here to find more information about directions to the venue and accommodations.

2011 Race Weekend Dates:
#3 - Oct. 15-16: Peaceful Valley Scout Camp, Elbert
#4 - Oct. 29-30: State Championships: Ridgeline, Castle Rock

Thank you for being a part of this growing high school community movement. I look forward to seeing you at the races! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.