Short Track

2014 - Summer Short Track Series at Valmont Bike Park

CU Cycling is proud to host another MTB Summer Short Track Series at Valmont Bike Park during the summer of 2014! Races take place every Wednesday from June 4 through August 13, starting at around 5pm with children’s races and continuing until the night finishes at around 7:15pm with the start of the Men’s A field. Riders of any and all abilities and ages are welcome and encouraged to come join in Boulder’s long-standing tradition of great community fun. If you’re not a racer but you’ve ever thought about racing a mountain bike, this is the time to swallow your nerves and give it a go!

2013 - CU Cycling Summer Short Track Series

Our summer series is mostly for fun. It's a great Wednesday evening, enjoying the outdoors after work. And we're really excited to make use of Valmont Bike Park. Of course, it works well as tune-ups for major races, and counts for a good workout. Some racers of course take our series very seriously. (There are some prizes in the works for series winners...maybe that has something to do with it.)

Wednesday evenings ALL summer!
Subject to weather

Hosting Men's A, B, and C as well as Women's A and B, Kids and Juniors too!


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