Mountain Biking

2012 - Optic Nerve 24 Hours of ERock

Start Date: 06/01/2012
End Date (opt): 06/02/2012

Location: Greenland Open Space, Colorado

Description: Kick off the the 25th annual Subaru Elephant Rock weekend by joining 100 teams and solos at Douglas County's beautiful Greenland Open Space (14 miles south of Castle Rock) for the Optic Nerve 24 Hours of ERock endurance mountain bike race. The course is a 8.25 mile loop with stunning views of Pikes Peak and the Rampart Range.



2012 - The Burn Mountain Bike Time Trial

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 The Burn Mountain Bike Cross Country Time Trial returns to Wellington Lake and the Buffalo Creek trail system in Bailey, Colorado! I know, how many more great words can you cram into one sentence?! Registration is open NOW.

After a 2 year hiatus we are proud to announce that our unrelenting recovery efforts have finally resuscitated this premier event and your single track summer-starter is back in swing – hopefully to stay!


2012 Voodoo Fire (Pueblo)

Beautiful day in Pueblo Colorado yesterday has the Warriors of Cycling Series kicked off with the season opener, Voodoo Fire. This was my first time on the line for this event and first time attempting anything longer than a cross race in the last 5 years. SS marathon was my category which was 66 miles of nearly pure single track.

So what was it like? The course is relatively flat and by relative I mean compared to mountain trails like Betasso Walker Ranch, White Ranch, etc. but there will a few times even the die hard Single Speed rider was crying for gears. And while these trails provided the purist with miles upon miles of single track, that single track for many became a curse and left them praying for double track to start around the next corner as passing in the single track either involved lighting a few matches to powering through the sand and shale and also risking flatting on the many cactus that lined the trail. I witnessed a nasty crash as a rider took a precarious pass in the shale which left him lying face down in razor sharp shale. Ouch! Over all the race was one of good preparation with equipement selection and food/water. I was one who failed as I walked away (literally) with 2 flats but thanks to some extremely tattoo'd dude I got a ride back to registration. I will return next year but this time I will come with tubless tires, sealant and a camel back

Next race in the series Ridgeline Rampage





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