2015 - Beginner women bicycle class

Dust off the saddle and join pink pedals for a re-beginner class. Two hours of classroom instruction will kick off the morning, which will include what to wear, choosing your route, what to bring and how to carry it. Outside drills will include starting and stopping, quick safety check, followed by a “real ride” with frequent stops for instructional purposes. Road positioning, co-existing with the cars, getting through lights, and where to position yourself in intersections. All this will result in increased confidence on the road.

2015 - Boulder Cycle Sport 10yr Anniversery

In 2005, Boulder Cycle Sport opened it's North Boulder location with one idea in mind: to redefine the community bike shop. They didn’t want to be the shop for the roadie, serving only a specific segment of the cycling population while largely ignoring or intimidating others. They wanted to be the shop for everyone: the newbies and the mountain bikers, the cross-country tourers and the cyclocross racers.

2015 - KompetitiveEdge Group Rides

The KompetitiveEdge Group Rides are a no drop ride every Saturday morning. We have Pablo's Coffee available at the store at 7:30am with wheels down at 8:00. The store is located at 3820 S Federal Blvd Sheridan, CO 80110. These rides range from 30-45 miles with different routes each week. For more information and see each weeks route checkout our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/kegrouprides.

2015 - The Butter Hour

They say if at first you don't succeed make your own category. This Sunday butter's very own Francecso Assagrande will attempt the first ever hour record ride on a Boulder B-Cycle. Arrive at the Boulder Valley Velodrome at 7:00, the historic ride starts at 7:30pm. Bring a picnic dinner and something to drink and watch Assagrande suffer!!

2015 - Circle Boulder by Bicycle

BOULDER—Boulder’s 2015 Walk and Bike Month kicks off with the popular Circle Boulder by Bicycle tour on Sunday, June 7 from 10 a.m. Riders will meet at Valmont Park at the Hub Plaza Picnic Area adjacent to Airport Rd., and return to Valmont Park for refreshments afterward. Registration will be open from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The start is rolling, with groups leaving at various times between 11 a.m. and noon. Event organizers stress this is a friendly, leisurely ride around Boulder’s bike paths.


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