Cracking the Code: Tim Johnson’s Cyclocross Secrets

Colorado Cyclocross Mini-Camp with Tim Johnson and Pete Webber

Saturday, August 18, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Get ready for your best ‘cross season ever with cyclocross superstar Tim Johnson and Masters World Champion Pete Webber!

- Learn from Tim & Pete’s combined 40 years of professional experience
- Structured curriculum by head coach Pete Webber
- Hands-on instruction to “crack the code” for cyclocross success
- Max ratio of 1 coach per 10 riders

Tim Johnson is one of the most friendly and easy-going guys in the sport. He loves teaching ‘cross and his passion for the sport is contagious. When Tim discusses training and racing, you can’t avoid feeling pumped up and motivated for the season!

Pete Webber has led clinics for years and has developed a well-organized curriculum that packs a lot of instruction into a 1 day mini-camp. Focused on the keys to ‘cross success, Tim & Pete will take you thru a step-by-step process that includes their best tips and tricks. Check out these testimonials about Pete’s coaching.

We’ll end the day with a complete review and you’ll get a take-home handout to remind you of the essential lessons learned and your priorities for improvement.

The only way you’ll learn Tim’s cyclocross secrets is to attend this mini-camp! (Or you could kidnap Tim and torture him, but the camp will be easier.)



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