2013 - BRAC Junior Cyclocross Camp

Junior CX Camp provides a safe, structured environment for our juniors to learn the basics of cycle cross riding and racing. Consisting of group rides, skills riding, contact drills, and talks about training, tactics, bike maintenance and nutrition, the Camp is the perfect introduction to cycle cross cycling for our young athletes. We believe that an overnight camp in a unique setting encourages our young athletes to immerse themselves in a positive learning environment.

2013 - Relay Sixty

If you thought the Formula Four Format was a blast then it's time to call up your teammates and friends. Relay Sixty is 60min of heart pumping and team yelling action that'll make you feel like a race car driver. A/B/C waves set up like Formular Four, but this time it's a straight 60min race with 1-4 of your race buddies. Teams can be all male, all female, or coed and must have a minimum of 2 athletes and maximum of 5. All athletes on each team must complete at least one lap for a result. Exchanges (Timing Chip) will be made in pit row!

2013 - Formula Four

Cyclocross just took on a life of its own this pre-season in Colorado with two brand new formats, never before produced. It's time to take the most spectator friendly and exciting sport on two wheels to a new level. We're proud to introduce the Formula Four format, a race with never ending strategy and a whole new level of punishing pain. Picture a field of 80 riders (A Wave), then slowly over the course of 55 min it gets whittled down to just 10 riders lined up for a 1-lap, winner take all race!


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